We're All Dead On My Floor

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A/N getting the rest of these chapters up should be easy now that i'm out of school! 

i hope you enjoy this one <3


*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

A few weeks have passed since Drew and Asher left, and I've all but managed to get the two of them out of my head and focus on other things, like my destroyed friendship with Beth.

Sitting alone after school for all those days made me realize that I miss Beth, and that Drew was taking up too much of my life. So, I decide to take a risk and talk to Beth.

Parking my car in front of her house, I sit and breathe for a few seconds, psyching myself up for the confrontation that's about to transpire.

"You can do this. You've only been friends with her for, like, three years now. No biggie," I pep talk.

I walk up her driveway, fondly noting the scar on the side of a tree from when Beth crashed her bike. I ring her doorbell, wringing my hands in nervousness as I hear light footsteps approach the door.

Beth opens it, and her face, previously smiling, becomes impassive.

"Kaitlyn. Hi." She starts. Her voice betrays no emotion, and I cringe inwardly. This is all my fault.

"Hi. I was wondering if we could talk?" I ask, anticipating a harsh no.

Beth shifts furtively in her doorway, and looks back into the house.

"Is this not a good time? Do you have company?"

"Yeah, Mack is over. But I guess I have time to talk right now. After all, what's five minutes out of a month?" She steps out onto the porch and closes the door behind her. "What is it?"

"I just wanted to apologize for blowing up on you about the whole Drew incident. It was wrong of me to ostracize you from our friendship just because I was mad about something you did before I even knew Drew. And I was hoping, if you didn't mind, that we could at least try being friends again." The words poured out of my mouth like a waterfall, and I couldn't stop them from announcing themselves to my slightly willing audience.

Beth's face changes as she hears my words, something flashing in her eyes.

"Kaitlyn, I-"

"I know, I know. I just, I feel so bad for what I did, you know?"

"Kaitlyn, you didn't even do anything. If anything, I should be the one apologizing. After all, I was the one that slept with him while you were gone, lied about it and hid it from you, and then got mad at you myself when you first confronted me about it."

"I guess we're both in the wrong, then," I laugh, tears pooling in my eyes. Beth's eyes mimic my own, a lone droplet sliding down from the corner of her eye. She laughs along with me, and we're hugging like there was never anything between us.

She pulls away from me, wiping at her eyes, and I do the same, balling up my sweater sleeve and blotting my tears away. "Do you want to come inside? I know Mack is here, but I think we'd both agree that friends are more important that boyfriends. I can send him home."

"Wait, when did you start dating?"

"Oh, Kaitlyn, clueless as ever." She laughs, and opens the door for me to step into her house.

Mack is sitting on the couch, a bag of chips in hand and scrolling through his phone. He looks up as we enter. "Hey, Beth. Oh, hi, Kaitlyn. What are you doing here?"

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