Possible Book Titles

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Hey guys!

I need your opinion on something. I'm debating whether to change the name of this book from "Tutoring the Bad Boy" to something less cliché. 

The only problem is, I have no creativity (as evidenced by the original title of this work), and I need some inspiration.

So, I'm going to make this a contest. For anyone that wants to come up with a new title, comment it down below. I will pick my top three favorite, then put them up for a vote in a week or so. 

The creators of those titles will receive a follow from me, a shoutout, and, if they have a book, reads, comments, and votes on the first five chapters. Because that's easier for me to do all that than to come up with a title by myself.

Comment your suggestions down below, or let me know if you want to keep it the same!

Tutoring the Bad Boy (keep it the same)

The Slightly Complicated Past of a Failing Star Athlete (a really random title I just came up with)

Your Suggestions!

Good luck!

-i hate being unimaginative 

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