Flirting With Anything that has a Y Chromosome

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A/N so I was practically asleep when I got home yesterday (I went to the Toledo Zoo and saw the baby Galapagos) so I decided to go to bed

but here is an update :)

also, what a coincidence! this is part 31 of TTBB and this chapter takes place on October 31. what are the chances?


*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

So, apparently Drew's aunt's husband died before she had any kids, and she married a black man from France. They had Chelsea around the same time Drew was born, so they're in the same grade. However, Chelsea's dad had to go back to France for his job, and so Chelsea lived back and forth her whole life. She had spent her most recent years in France, explaining the cheek kissing and over-affection.

Drew explained this all to me, still pausing to laugh every once in a while. I merely rolled my eyes and crossed my arms in embarrassment, my face a tomato.

Even now, 7 days later, I'm still super embarrassed about it.

Beth is still teasing me relentlessly about it too.

"I still can't believe you were jealous over his cousin!" She laughs from inside my bathroom. "I mean, it's his cousin!"

"Shut up," I grumble, straightening my hair in front of the mirror on my desk. "What if some girl looked like she was flirting with Mack and you didn't find out they were related for like two weeks after?"

She sticks her head outside of the bathroom and glares at me. "Oh, shut up."

"You know I'm right," I call out, smiling to myself. "Now hurry up, Blake's party starts in less than half an hour, and you're not even dressed yet."

"It's Halloween," she whines. "I have to look good!"

"For who?" I tease. "Mack?"

Beth doesn't say anything in response, instead bouncing out of the bathroom five minutes later with her makeup and hair done to perfection. I've finished straightening my hair by then, and my minimal makeup is already on. Together, we stand in front of my closet, and the overflowing suitcase Beth brought over from her own house.

"Now," she says. "What to wear?"

<fifteen minutes later>

The contents of my closet and Beth's closet have been strewn about the room. Shoes lay mismatched all over the floor. Shirts and jackets are hung over the backs of chairs and the bed posts, and skirts and jackets lay crumbled up in heaps on the carpet.

Beth and I look at each other in satisfaction. She has on dark skinny jeans, a black tank top, and a dull green army-style jacket, her blonde hair in loose curls. I have on a maroon t-shirt dress that falls just above my knees and a gold statement necklace, paired with classic Sperry's.

"Are you ready, Kaitlyn?"

I nod. "Let's go."


We pull up to Beth's house, which is only a few houses down from Blake's. After Beth parks her car, she turns to me.

"Why didn't you come to my house? That would have saved a few car trips."

We glance at each other, serious looks on our faces, until we burst out into laughter.

"Honestly, Beth," I grin, "I couldn't tell you."

We get out of the car and link arms, laughing as we walk down the sidewalk. Beth's heels clicking on the sidewalk can barely be heard over the thumping music coming from Blake's house.

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