It's Hard to be Creative When People Are Discussing Marijuana

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*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

Drew and I have been happily dating for almost a month now. We're nearing the end of January, and things are picking back up in school. In chem, we've started thermochemistry, and I'm honestly having a hard time. So is the rest of my class, except for, surprisingly, Asher.

"I didn't know you had such a brain for science," I tease at the end of class one morning.

"Careful there, Kaitlyn," he shoots back, zipping up his backpack. "Don't want Drew getting jealous now, do we?"

"Yeah, sure," I wave a hand in his direction. "We are fine right now, actually. Although, if chem keeps up like this, I might be the one that needs tutoring. Then he and I would both be in trouble."

"Well," Asher shrugs. "I'm always available during lunch if you need help. For old times sakes?"

"That would actually be wonderful. I'm totally lost," I laugh, walking into the crowded hallway, Asher by my side. We've gotten into the habit of walking to second hour together, art. After the first couple of weeks that Asher was here, he migrated to my table in art class under the pretense of not knowing the proper way to mix paint.

Even I could tell that that was a poorly disguised ruse to talk to me. But whatever. I have no romantic interest in him whatsoever. I mean, that would just be weird.

Drew meets us at the end of the hallway, like always. The first couple of times he saw Asher and I walking together, he almost blew a gasket or two. Lately, though, he's become more accepting of it, although I've definitely seen a dirty look pass between the two of them over my head more than one.

"Hey, Drew," Asher greets. Drew nods in response, instead wrapping an arm around my shoulders and kissing me quickly on the forehead. Asher pretends to gag, and I laugh.

That's basically how every day goes, but now that it's routine, I don't mind it as much.

The art room is across the hall from Drew's 2nd hour chem class, so we say our goodbyes in between the two rooms and go our separate ways every day.

In art, we're working on negative space, so that means lots of paper and Exacto knives. (Bear with me, I haven't taken an art class since 4th grade)

Asher and I sit down at our usual table by the window right as the bell rings. Quickly taking attendance, Ms. Miller sweeps her eyes around the room. After seeing that we're only missing one kid, a certain Kevin Knowles (I'm fairly certain he's high all the time and actually surprised he's still enrolled in school), she claps her hands.

"Okay, so you guys know the drill. Get your projects and get to work. I'll be in the supply office if anyone needs me." She disappears through a door next to her office door, and we all get up to get our things.

Once we're sitting again, Asher leans over. "So, are you taking me up on that lunch offer? Because if not, I think I'm going to hit up the cafeteria. I heard a rumor that there's going to be actual chocolate milk today."

"Are you serious?" I shriek. Then, noticing everyone look over, I duck my head, cheeks burning. "I heard they haven't had actual chocolate milk since the year this place was founded."

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