Girl Scout Cookies

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Naomie Harris as Chelsea Tempest ^^^^^^^^^

Please enjoy the rambling of my fingers in this sarcastically awesome chapter.


*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

For the whole rest of the weekend and all day on Monday, my mind is on the kiss that Drew and I shared. I'm positive he doesn't know it happened, because when he sits next to me in German, he only asks for a pencil.

The end of the school day doesn't come fast enough. When the final bell rings, I bolt out of class and down the stairs to my locker. Please don't let Drew be there, please don't let Drew be there... shoot.

The man himself stands at his locker. Leaning against it. Arms crossed. Talking to Chelsea Tempest. Oh hell no.

Backstory time. I have a lot of history with Chelsea Tempest. She's absolutely gorgeous, with skin like hot chocolate and dark curly hair cascading down her back. Her black eyes have been compared to the night sky, and her personality is amazing. She's very hard to hate.

So naturally, I hate her.

I first met Chelsea in kindergarten, when I spilled my juice box all over my brand new shirt, she helped me clean it up and gave me an extra shirt from her backpack. I never gave it back.

During the 2nd grade Christmas concert, I forgot the words to Jingle Bells and Chelsea shared her music with me. Absolutely disgusting.

On the first day of middle school, I couldn't get my locker open, so she opened it for me after I gave her my combination. She was probably a secret agent sent to spy on me.

You get my drift. I couldn't stand how nice she was being, and I still can't.

I march right up to them. After all, my locker is right there. Drew keeps his eyes on Chelsea, but she turns to me and smiles.

"Hi Kaitlyn? How are you?"

See? Awful. It even worse because she hangs out with Jean Summers and Amanda Kelly. I don't get how she hangs out with them when she's probably the nicest person in school and they are devil spawn.

I grunt in response to her question and open my locker. Chelsea doesn't take the hint and keeps talking.

"Drew was just telling me about how you're tutoring him. You're so nice!"

"Thanks, Chelsea," I grumble. "Now, can we go?" I ask Drew. "Let's get this over with."

"Lead the way, doll," he smirks, and in response I push past him and Chelsea, heading to the parking lot. I pause at the stairs and look behind me just in time to witness Drew and Chelsea hug before she pulls away and kisses him on the cheek. My heart clenches a tiny bit. Aren't he and Jean Summers a thing right now? And let's not forget he kissed me two days ago!

Drew looks up and catches my eye. Something flashes through his eyes for a brief second before he blinks and shoulders his backpack, jogging through the crowded hallway to catch up to me. I roll my eyes and start climbing the stairs.






Hello, you have reached 'stop it or you die', please leave a message.



It's not until Drew starts laughing his head off that I realize I shouted that last part aloud.

My face flushes and I speed up to get to my car, where Sam is already leaned against the passenger door.

I unlock the car and we both get it. I start the car just as Drew knocks on my window. I roll it down and glare at him.


"I'll just follow you in my car then?"

"Sure. Whatever."

Sam and I drive home in silence, radio playing softly in the background. Every so often I glance in my rearview mirror and see Drew's navy Bugatti behind me. I couldn't care less about him, but his car.... I would definitely ride in that.

When I pull into my spot on the driveway, Sam jumps out of the car and runs inside. I smile and exit the car, locking it behind me. Drew had parked in the street, and was now walking up my driveway, thumbing through my mail.


"Hey, loser," I call, hip popped to the side. "Why don't you just move in?"

"Sure thing, doll." He looks up for a brief second before holding up a envelope. "You got something from Victoria's Secret. Care to be an Angel and model for me?"

My mouth drops open and I just stand there. "Um, w-what? I don't- um... You know what, just give me that." I snatch the envelope from his hand and scan it. It's my monthly coupon.

1/2 off all lingerie through next Friday! Goody.

It's then that I realize Drew is looking over my shoulder, and my face heats up as I remember the kiss. What I wouldn't give to just... relive that moment.

Drew startles me by wrapping his arms around my waist, and my breath hitches. His chin rests on my shoulder, and I can feel his hot breath on my neck. I subconsciously tilt my head back so he can have better access.

Drew chuckles and lets go of me after a few minutes, picking up his backpack from the ground where the rest of the mail is.

"Oh, by the way, Kaitlyn?"

"What?" I snap, slightly grumpy that he moved away from me but relieved at the same time.

"I don't have any Girl Scout cookies, but if you eat some peanut butter and I eat some chocolate, we can make a Tagalong."

The only thing that pops into my head is, But I'm allergic to dairy!

"Now are you going to teach me how to do math and sh*t so I can get out of here? Jean is having a party tonight."

I sigh and walk through the empty garage to get to the door, which I pull open and slam in Drew's face. I am not looking forward to these sessions.


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