Something that Screams Kaitlyn So Much You Would Want to Tape its Mouth Shut

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A/N I'm tired. Mississippi St played a fricking amazing game against UCONN. I sang at a wedding today and they didn't feed us.

The end.


*Drew McCarthy*

Ever since I told Kaitlyn I like her, albeit in a slightly unorthodox and indirect way, I've gotten super nervous around her. Like, extremely nervous.

Example one. We were studying at her house together and she asked me if I wanted anything to eat. Me being my ever-so-eloquent self responded with a resounding "yeshshesafhhehh".

It was awful. I'm cringing right now at the thought of how sweaty my palms were.

But moving on to better and happier times.

It's almost Christmas, and I've been thinking about what to get Kaitlyn for the last three weeks. Confiding in the guys, they told me to just go to the mall and see what strikes me as, and I quote, "something that screams Kaitlyn so much you would want to tape its mouth shut".

I have weird friends.

So I took their advice, and now I'm here, at the mall. The same mall that I carried Kaitlyn out of all those weeks ago.

Good times.

I check the time on my phone again, just to make sure I have plenty of time before I have to pick up Veronica from her friend's house.

3:35. Perfect.

Walking through the crowded mall filled with mothers dragging around shrieking kids while attempting to find all of their Christmas gifts at once and listening to overplayed, trashy "holiday" music usually isn't what I like to spend my Saturdays doing. But I decide to lose myself in the flow of the crowd and just walk around until something catches my eye.

And I walk.

And I walk.


I walk.


Ugh, why is this so hard? I ask myself. It's just a present. For a girl you really really like. No biggie.

I go into tons of different stores, instinctively gravitating towards ones that are less girly and don't require a gas mask and a flashlight to shop in. Surprisingly, that's proving hard to find.

I round the corner by the food court, exhausted from my hour trip rotating through the mall, when I spot the music store that Ashton and Kaitlyn went into last time. I remember her saying something about liking Fall Out Boy?

I decide to look inside, quickly ducking in behind a girl with bright purple hair and a Maroon 5 tank top. I stay behind her until I'm out of sight from the doorway, then sneak away from her before she notices I'm using her as a human shield.

That would be one awkward explanation.

I browse through the selections, seeing what catches my eye. Nothing stands out: not the band tees, autographed records, newest albums. Nothing.

Until I see a poster at the front of the store. Immediately my brain goes off, and I know what I'm getting Kaitlyn for Christmas.


*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

Ever since Drew indirectly admitted he likes me, or whatever Friday night was, I keep on freaking out and pinching myself.

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