The Big Four

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A/N Thanks so much for 144 reads! Sorry for the late update. I'm just really lazy. I'll try to be better about updating at least once a week, but since I did almost no homework in June, I need to work for most of the rest of the summer. Chapters will also be shorter, because those are easier to write in a short amount of time.

I also probably won't switch POV's as much anymore, if at all. I will occasionally do Drew's, but only if necessary. (Knowing me, there will be a lot of his POV :))
I'll stop rambling now.

Ashton Hunter above!

As terrible as this update is, enjoy!
*Drew McCarthy*
I release Kaitlyn's shoulders and stride away from her, in the opposite direction of the office. Once I'm almost to the end of the hall, I hear light footsteps running towards me, and I pause with my hand on the door.

"Why did you get me out of class? Why not just yourself?" Kaitlyn asks. I sigh, and take my hand off the door, turning around to face her.

"Because, doll, it's more time to spend with you." Bullsh*t. I know it, and she does too. She frowns, but doesn't say anything.

I push open the door to the stairs and walk down to the junior lockers, Kaitlyn following behind. After a few minutes, she breaks the silence.

"I'm still mad at you for the car thing." I smirk, but don't say anything.

"I mean," she continues, "how hard would it have been to drop me off at the entrance to my neighborhood, at least? This is a small city. We couldn't possibly live that far away from each other. Were you even going home?"

I wasn't.

"No, I was actually going to Ashton's house. He lives in Bluewater Ridge, by the river. So you see, I couldn't have possibly given you a ride home." We pause when we reach our lockers, and I lean on mine, facing Kaitlyn. I'm surprised to see she's red in the face, her eyebrows furrowed as she glares at me. What did I do?

"You... You jerk! That's my neighborhood! I can't believe this! You should have at least asked me where I lived! I hate you!" She moves toward me, and I can't help but lean in.

"You're cute when you're mad." I whisper, smirking.

She slaps my face and walks away from me, towards the office. As I see her retreating backside, and it is a nice backside, mind you, the sting on my face is considerably less noticeable than the sting in my chest.

*Kaitlyn MacDonald*
I can't believe it! Of all the ignorant, stupid, asinine people on this planet I had to get stuck tutoring, why Drew McCarthy?

I fume through the rest of the day, determined to never let Drew get the best of me again. Let's see how that turns out.

Detention was half an hour after school. Drew didn't show up.

When I get to Beth's house, I've cooled off a little bit. Why bother with Drew anyway? I'm just going to enjoy tonight, make an awesome costume for the Halloween dance, and stuff myself silly with food.

I open Beth's front door without bothering to ring the doorbell; I've been coming over to Beth's house since we were in diapers. I've long since stopped announcing my arrival.

I kick off my shoes by the door and hoist my duffel bag over my shoulder, stumbling up the stairs as I avoid Beth's little brother's toys. Knocking on Beth's door, I peek my head in only to see her bathroom door is closed, and I hear her shower on.

"I'm here!" I yell, and I drop my bag on her bed. "I'm going to go make some food for us!"

I hear a "Make popcorn!" from the closed door, and I head back downstairs.

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