Drew McCarthy? Oh Boy

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A/N I know it's been a while, but at least my finals are done! Pretty sure I failed Chem though. I probably shouldn't have procrastinated. It was really hard. Oh well.

Drew McCarthy above! I love Francisco Lachowski... :)

Anyway, enjoy this next part!

*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

"I just ran into the walking god," I groan, dropping my head onto the table.

Parker blinks slowly and Beth raises an eyebrow, a piece of lettuce hanging out of her mouth. I laugh at their reactions, and Beth quickly wipes the lettuce from her mouth, rolling her eyes as she does so.

"If what you say is true, why do you say it like that? You make it sound like a bad thing!" Beth says, stabbing her fork into her salad. Yes, she is a health freak, but only in public. When Beth's at home, she eats junk like nobody's business.

"Who is this 'walking god' anyway, Lyn? And why do you look so flushed?" Parker questions. Ah, Parker. Always a skeptic. At least he asked what I was talking about before shooting out the prying questions, unlike a certain Beth Reynolds.

"I don't know what his name is, and I don't know why I'm flushed," I groan. "Mondays are already the worst day of the week, and now there's some guy walking around school, probably hating me without even knowing me."

Except he's probably screwing Jean Summers right now. I'm probably the last thing on his mind, whoever he is.

Beth raises her eyebrow again, and sets down her fork.

"You don't know why you're flushed? Lyn, there's always a reason, whether it be extreme heat, physical exhaustion, or, in most cases, an encounter with a person you're attracted to. I know for a fact that neither the first nor the second option apply to this situation, because the last time I saw you move faster than a slow walk was three years ago, and there was a spider on your desk. Also, the school is kept at a constant temperature of 65 degrees, and it's freezing outside. Which means, that you, my dear, have encountered your crush, who is undoubtedly very hot. Now that I have uncovered your poorly hidden secret, do tell about this encounter." Beth shovels some salad into her mouth, seemingly oblivious to the stares she's receiving from Parker and I.

Blinking slowly, I try to absorb what she said, because when Beth talks, she talks extremely fast, and it's almost impossible to follow her train of thought.


Did she say I have a crush on the walking god?

Oh no.

Heck no.

I open my mouth to tell Beth how wrong she is when Parker, who has been silent this whole time, cuts me off.

"Beth, what do you mean? Lyn, do you have a crush on someone?" He questions, eyebrows furrowed.

"Yeah, Beth, what do you mean?" I ask. "I do not have a crush on anyone, least of all the walking god."

Beth giggles and leans in close to me.

"Don't worry," she whispers. "I won't tell anyone, not even Parker. He'll probably get mad." She smiles at me, and returns to eating her salad, leaving me to avoid Parker's searching glance by myself.

I roll my eyes, smiling anyway. Parker has definitely shown some interest in me, that much I know. But getting mad because I like someone else? Doesn't sound like him at all.

"What even happened this morning that caused you to run into the walking god?" Parker asks. I should have figured that that question would have been asked eventually. Sighing, I take a sip of my water before beginning the tale.

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