A Couple of Oreos For the Road

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*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

Hanging out with Chelsea makes me realize that I was in the wrong all those years. Like, I've never met anyone else who would willingly call Drew McCarthy a dick to his face! And they're family too!

Eventually, she has to leave, so I'm left to my own devices for the rest of the night. Jordan knocks on my door around 9 pm.

"Hey, Kaitlyn, do you want to finish off sibling day by watching some good old High School Musical?"

I consider my options. Sit in my room in the dark and cry over my pathetic life or eat burnt popcorn and laugh at Jordan's commentary.

"Count me in."

It's only after Sam burns the popcorn twice, Jordan cries when Gabriella and Troy break up, and I roll my eyes for the 482nd time at my brothers, that my mind wanders to Drew.

What could he be doing right now? Why did Asher disappear at the same time? What's so bad about my childhood best friend? The only person that's acted weird around him is Mack, but other than that, only Drew seems to have a problem with him.

I'm confused.

The movie finishes, and we all clean up before heading to our respective rooms. I brush my teeth, take off my makeup, and turn the lights off, rolling into bed.

Tomorrow, I think to myself as I snuggle under the covers. Tomorrow will be better.

My eyes close.

And then, they open again due to the bright sunlight streaming through my window. I groan, rolling over onto my stomach. How is it morning already?

Checking the time, I'm shocked to see my phone screen read 9:30 am.


My stomach growls, and I grudgingly get up to brush my teeth. Morning breath is one of my least favorite things on this earth.

"Jordan and Sam, lazy as always," I say to myself as I walk past their closed doors. "I guess it's up to me to find my own breakfast this morning."

I end up grabbing a bagel and some peanut butter, and settle in front of the TV with a plate and a knife. Time for some cartoons.

Halfway through an episode of Phineas and Ferb, the doorbell rings. I groan, pausing the show and hauling myself off the couch.

When I check who it is before opening the door, I'm surprised to see Blake and Ashton standing on my front porch, holding Oreos and a stack of movies. Blake also has a tissue box tucked under his arm.

"Guys, what are you doing here?" I ask, opening the door for them to come inside.

"Well, we talked to Chelsea, you know, because she tutors Ashton," Blake starts, setting the Oreos and tissue box down on the table, "and she told us that you haven't really had a good cry yet."

"Why would I need a good cry?" I question, tearing open the package. So much for breakfast.

Ashton shrugs, snatching an Oreo. "I think it's because crying is part of the process of getting over Drew. Then you can move on and date other boys, if you want."


"Maybe I don't want to get over Drew!" I shoot back, heading over to the couch and sinking down into the cushions. Blake and Ashton sit on either side of me. "I mean, I broke up with him, I know, but it was because he wasn't willing to take risks for our relationship. And I know I probably sound like a broken record, but that's what happened."

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