I'm Never Watching Frozen Again

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*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

There are a few thoughts running through my head as I'm kneeling on the ground with a gun pointed directly at my ear.

One, ouch. I broke my ankle when I fell from the ceiling. At least, I think I did.

Wow. That is a sentence I never thought I would say.

Two, how did I get in this mess? Because I decided to sign up for tutoring because I wanted extra credit?

I'm never tutoring anyone again.

And three, hot damn. Drew is really hot when he's angry.

Asher nudges my head with the cold metal gun, bringing me back to reality.

"Drew, what'll it be? $500,000, or the life of your girlfriend? Excuse me, EX-girlfriend," he leers, taunting Drew through his words.

"Give me a couple of minutes, for f*ck's sake! It's not like I can just pull that much money out of my ass!"

Frick. He's hot when he swears, too.

How did I never notice that?

Asher sighs. "I'll admit, the demand is a little unreasonable. So here's what I'm going to do. You drove here, correct?"

Drew nods, teeth gritted. I shift slightly on the floor, knees starting to burn from kneeling for so long. My ankle throbbing doesn't help much either, as I can only support myself with one foot.

Is this what doing core feels like? No wonder I never did sports.

Kaitlyn, focus! This is not the time to space out.

"Your car, how much do you think it's worth? A Bugatti Veyron, if I'm not mistaken."

"I don't know," Drew replies nonchalantly.

"Wrong. You don't just own a car like that and not know every single detail about it. I happen to know that Veyrons can sell anywhere from $1 million to $2 million, depending on how much you're willing to spend. Unless you want your pretty little b*tch here to get a nice hole in her head, you're going to sell your car and write me a check for $500,000."

"Asher, that's even more unreasonable than the last one! Where am I supposed to find a buyer that quickly that can pay it all at once?" Drew exclaims, throwing his arms up.

"A car? That's what you're worried about? When Dex is in jail?"

"Why do you even want to get him out of jail so badly, huh? He'll be of no use to you, because he still hasn't repaid your boss. Remember? He was supposed to do that on your f*cking drug run!"

Asher falls silent for a moment, tapping one foot on the floor. Then, to my surprise, he swats me on the head with the gun, and I crumple to the floor, holding the side of my face.

At least I'm not kneeling any longer.

"You want to argue with me about this? Now?" Asher screams, eyes filled with a manic fury that scares me. "Get me the f*cking money, or I'll kill your damn sister as well!"

I gasp, the pain emanating from my head and my ankle dulled by the horror that washed over me at Asher's threat. Is this really the same person that was my childhood best friend?

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