Stuffed Into a Slightly Scandalous Bodycon Dress

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Also, this chapter sets another record for longest chapter. It's about 4150 words, give or take.

I don't like how the ending turned out, but whatever. I'll let you judge for yourself.

without further ado, your feature presentation


*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

Wow, my life is just going from one party to the next. I'm currently standing in my room alone, again, getting ready for another party at Blake's house. How does he even have the energy to host this many parties? It's exhausting enough to just figure out what to wear.

I look down at what I'm wearing. It's a new outfit; even the shoes are new.

How did I get the money for a completely new outfit, you might ask?

I didn't.

Drew showed up at my house two days after the Christmas party at 10 am to take me shopping. I didn't go willingly.


I'm rudely awakened by someone shaking my shoulder roughly.

"Kaitlyn," the person whispers. "Kaitlyn, get up. We have things to do today."

I groan, but force my eyes open just a tiny bit to see who has disturbed my slumber. It's Drew.

My eyes close again, but then the implication that Drew's in my room while I look like a naked mole rat hits me hard, and I shoot up, effectively knocking my forehead against his.

"Ow!" He exclaims, rubbing the angry spot on his face. "What was that for?"

"What was that for?" I repeat, rubbing the offending spot on my own face. "Why are you even here? It's," I check my clock, squinting to make out the blurry numbers, "10 am. Peanut butter and jelly, why am I awake?"

He shrugs, sitting on the bed next to me. "Well, you don't have any clothes suitable for a party that you haven't worn already for one. Believe me, I checked." Drew stands up and walks over to my window, throwing open the curtains. I hiss in protest, ducking my head back down underneath the covers. "By the way," he calls over his shoulder. "Nice Hello Kitty bra."

"You perv!" I scream, throwing a pillow at him. Of course, I instantly regret it, because now I only have two pillows to hide under instead of three. "I don't even wear it anymore. It's from, like, seventh grade."

So I haven't cleaned out my closet in 5 years. Sue me.

"TMI, doll. But I'm sure there are worse things you could have told me about your underwear." Drew sends me a smirk more blinding than the intruding sunlight. "Now, get up. I'm making you breakfast, and I want you showered and dressed to go out in half an hour."

"Bitch," I mutter. "Do you know how long it takes to shower when you're a girl?"

"No, I wouldn't. Tell me, does the showering part come before or after the ten-minute jam session in front of the mirror?"

I grimace. "I don't even want to know how you know I do that."

"Let's just say, the walls in this house are pretty thin, and Jordan's room is right next to your bathroom. You ever wonder why he's moved his bed all the way against Sam's wall instead of yours?" He heads over to my door, which is slightly ajar from his earlier entrance. "Now, get ready. We have lots to do today."

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