No Hummingbirds in Iraq

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Bit of a filler chapter for you guys tonight, also many some unexpected revelations. That also came as a surprise to me. Gosh dang it, story plot.

Also- does anyone have a cast idea for Peyton? I could use some suggestions :)

Anyway, enjoy, and thank you so much to everyone who's commented and voted and followed! You guys mean the world to me <3


*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

I wake up on the couch Saturday morning when Jordan and Peyton come in around 9. I try to remember what happened the night before, but it's kind of fuzzy. I must have been so tired that my brain just completely erased everything that happened.

"Did you guys have a fun night?" I ask, yawning as I stretch my arms above my head.

"You could say that," winks Jordan, causing Peyton to lightly smack him on the chest. "Ow, babe," he groans.

Peyton laughs. "You're just happy that I had to do everything for you. Kaitlyn, you would not believe how demanding your brother can be. It was all, 'Peyton I need more water' or 'Peyton can you get the remote? It fell on the floor.'"

Jordan crutches his way over to the couch and sinks himself into the cushions, letting his crutches fall to the side with a thud. "Hey," he grins, draping an arm over my shoulder, "It's not my fault you wouldn't let me move and practically force-fed me in between when you needed to 'change' my ice." Then to me he whispers, "I secretly think she liked being in charge. Doesn't matter who she's in charge of, but the fact that I'm her boyfriend is definitely a perk for her." It's loud enough for Peyton, apparently, as I hear her call out from the kitchen in rebuke.

"Oh, shut up Jordan," said Peyton. "How was your night, Kaitlyn? Was Drew over?" Jordan turns his head to look at me as well.

"Yeah, he was. We studied for a little bit, and then he wanted to show me a movie that I'd never seen before." I frown. "Well, actually, I still haven't seen it. I fell asleep in the first fifteen minutes, and I don't remember anything that actually happened." I look down at my hands, which are neatly folded in my lap.

Jordan snorts. "I'm honestly surprised you still woke up on the couch. I would have thought..." He trails off, eyes focused on some distant point.

I nudge him. "You would have thought what?" When he doesn't respond, I keep elbowing him. "Jordan?" He's still silent, so I deliver a sharp blow to his ribs.


Peyton comes running in, a floury apron around her waist and her hair in a messy bun, a wooden spoon raised in the air, dripping pancake batter onto the floor. At the site, I burst out laughing, Jordan soon following. Peyton lowers the spoon, a look of confusion on her face.

After a few minutes, my brother and I finally calm ourselves down, and Jordan wipes a fake tear from the corner of his eye. "Ah," he sighs, "I haven't laughed like that in a long time. I guess it only takes someone you love, right? Someone to laugh with you every day of your life."

Peyton and I are silent as we glance at each other, then back at him. When I look her in the eyes, I can see her questioning look that must be reflected in my own.

Someone you love? But, does he love me? Or you?

I shrug, breaking eye contact, before wrenching myself out of Jordan's arm. Walking towards Peyton, I grab the spoon and nod my head towards Jordan, who has somehow managed to entertain himself with a piece of fluff that came out of one of the couch pillows. Peyton looks at me and rolls her eyes.

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