Chapter POVs

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Hello all! I've finally decided to stop sitting on my phone reading Wattpad and get to writing the extras that I promised! 

So, here's how this works. I'm going to give you a few choices of chapters, and you have to comment on the one you want and tell me who's POV you want that chapter in! 

Chapter Choices: 

The Mount Rushmore-Sized Pile of Snow on My Butt (in which Drew tells Kaitlyn he likes her)

Queen Of the Party Trash (in which Drew takes Kaitlyn home)

an extra chapter (in which Kaitlyn and Jordan confront Sam about being at Drew's house)

any other one you guys might want, but choose carefully- I'm only writing one!

Also, just in case you weren't aware, I've started to update My Knights in Shining Armor again. Cherry Hall is every bit the feisty heroine Kaitlyn was, maybe even more so.


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