Sauce Me the Remote

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*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

After driving in a sort of stunned silence for the remainder of the trip home, I pull into the driveway and park the car.

"Why would Drew text me? What does he want?" I'm only slightly panicking as I turn the engine off and open the door to get out.

"Lyn. Relax. I'm sure he was just wondering why you had to go to the hospital," Jordan reasons as he unbuckles his seatbelt. As he goes to open the door, I stop him.

"Okay, two things. One, there's no way you are getting out of the car without my help. And two, why not just text you? After all, you guys are basically besties."

"Kaitlyn, I'm grimacing for two reasons. One is the pain from my knee, and the other is because of your use of the word 'besties'. Guys are not besties, nor do they constantly text each other like girls do. You'd think that, growing up with Sam and me, that you'd know that by now." Jordan laughs, causing me to crack a smile along with him.

"Yeah, you're right," I say, and grab his crutches from where I put them in the back of the car. "Now, let's get you inside. I'm hungry, and I'm sure you are too."

Ten minutes later, after some creative swearing from Jordan and some hair pulling from me, I've managed to get Jordan situated on the couch, crutches on the side, with a new ice pack secured on his knee. I strew blankets all over him, and an extra stack of couch pillows are on the ground next to him.

"Gee, K, you'd think I was an invalid." He jokes, readjusting his leg on the pillows propping it up,

"Shut up and accept the help," I grumble, turning away from him so he can't see my smile.

He laughs. "Gladly. Can we order a pizza now? I'm still hungry from practice."


When the pizza gets here and I pay, I bring it over to Jordan's couch and sit next to him. After placing the pizza on the table in front of us, I lean back into the cushions with a sigh.

Jordan's left arm drapes around my shoulder and pulls me into him, resting my head on his shoulder. I snuggle myself up close to him, ignoring the vibrations of his chest as he laughs at me.

"You seem off, Lyn. What's going on?" He questions, turning his head to look at me questionably. I sigh.

"I'm not really sure. There's this guy and I can't stand him, but at the same time he intrigues me. I hardly know anything about him except what I've heard in rumor and the miniscule amount of things he's told me. What am I supposed to do, J?"

He runs his hand through his hair before responding. "Well, judging from what you just said, this isn't Parker. I know it's not Beth, unless she recently changed genders without me knowing. I'm going to assume that I know this person, because I don't think you would be asking me for advice about him otherwise. Right?"

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