A Normal Christmas Party Where Nobody Gets Drunk

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guys this chapter sets a new record for word count: 4257 exactly!

plus, be on the lookout for a new pov- it's at the very end, and it's one of those one liners you guys like so much <3

please enjoy


*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

The rest of December passes by uneventfully. Drew still comes over after school every day and I still tutor him. I still go to his basketball games and cheer right along with the crowd.

But mostly I'm super excited about his present, to the extent that I'm afraid I'll ruin the surprise for him. Nobody else knows what I'm getting him, because Beth and I still haven't made up yet.

Actually, scratch that. Jordan and Sam cornered me one day, the former still on crutches, and badgered me until I relented and told them what it was.

After I told them, Jordan's mouth was hanging open, presumably in awe, and Sam was pouting.

"No fair!" he had whined, crossing his arms. "You never get me anything that cool."

I just laughed and shrugged it off.

The day is now December 27th, two days after Christmas and the day of Blake's renowned Christmas party. I think this is the first party that I've gone too where I haven't had Beth help me get ready. Granted, I'm also pretty sure that this is only the third party I've ever been to in my entire high school career. But hey, who's counting?

I was considering giving Drew his present on Christmas, since he showed up randomly on the day itself. But he didn't have any presents with him, so I decided against it.

There's nothing more awkward than giving someone a present when they don't have anything to give you.

My watch beeps, and I look over to see what time it is. 6 pm, an hour before the party starts. Standing up from my desk chair, I head over to my floor length mirror and give myself a once-over.

Starting at my beige suede ankle boots, my eyes travel up past the high-waisted black jeans and the dark red long-sleeved crop top, flitting past the black vest and the gold bangles around my wrist until they stare back at themselves in the mirror. I widen them as I realize just how much the dark eye makeup makes my green irises pop out. My dangly gold earrings are slightly tangled in my straight coffee-colored hair, but I quickly remedy the issue.

"You are smoking hot, Kaitlyn," I tell myself, confidently looking in the mirror. "Got to show Drew what he's getting himself mixed up with, right?"

The clock attracts my attention again, and I panic internally when I notice that almost 10 minutes have passed. Blake texted me and told me to be at his house at 6:30 to help him set everything up before the other people arrive, because, and I quote, "Drew and Ashton can't do shit when it comes to organizing stuff". Nice, right?

Before heading out the door, I brush my teeth, run my hands through my hair to smooth out any fly-aways, and drop my fully-charged phone into my handbag, where it lands among a portable charger, gum, body spray, and my house keys. I double check to make sure Drew's present is wrapped and inside the bag as well. On second thought, maybe I should grab some pepper spray too. Never know what's going to happen at a party. Goodness knows I've had some interesting party experiences in my time.

Okay, fine, like three months. Get over yourself.

I knock softly on Jordan's bedroom door, just in case he's sleeping for some reason at 6:20 pm on a Tuesday afternoon. But hey, I don't know what it feels like to be partially incapacitated.

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