What the Hell Happened Last Night?

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here's your (extremely short crappy) chapter


*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

My eyelids flutter open, and I yawn before wincing. My head is throbbing and all of my limbs are aching. I sit up and immediately regret it, holding my head in my hands as I close my eyes. It's then that I realize I'm in my room, in my bed, dressed in an oversize t-shirt. I'm not wearing pants.

A knock on my door brings me out of my reverie, and I hear a voice.

"Kaitlyn? It's me, Parker. Can I come in?"

"No; leave me to suffer in solitude please."

He chuckles before turning the doorknob and letting himself in. He whistles when he sees me, eyes raking up and down my shabby appearance.

"What happened to you last night, Lyn?"

I'm not really sure, to be honest.

"I was hoping you could tell me that, Parker," I reply, carefully getting out of bed only to trip over a pair of white Converse. The same white Converse I wore to the party last night.

Instead of faceplanting on the floor, I'm caught in Parker's arms. They feel...familiar, almost as if I had been in them before. But when could that have happened?

I detach myself from him. Strong as he may be, it just wasn't comfortable to be in his arms like that. After all, he's my best guy friend.

I awkwardly brush myself off and push Parker out of my room, wincing when the sudden movement enflames my headache.

"I'll get you some water and Advil while you clean... this.... up," he says, motioning his hand in my general direction.

"Thanks," I say sarcastically, and head into the bathroom to take a shower.

Half an hour later, I'm done, and as I make my way downstairs, I overhear Parker talking with someone.

".....how she got home. I heard the doorbell and went to open it, and there was Kaitlyn, in a big t-shirt, spandex, and her converse, half asleep and leaning against the post. She smelled like alcohol and goodness knows what else, and looked like she was going to fall over at any moment. I quickly picked her up and carried her upstairs, where I put her in bed and she went out like a light." It sounds like Jordan, but wouldn't he be at school?


"I'M LATE!!!!" I scream, dashing back upstairs, headache ignored. Running around my room, I throw on the white Converse and grab a hoodie to throw on over my jeans and long-sleeved t-shirt. I run around my room looking for my phone, before I see my bedside clock and flip out.

It reads 11:28 am. Sh*t.

I give up on finding my phone and look for my backpack, which I packed last night before going to the party.

...And then I left it in Beth's car because she told me to bring it. 

I finally trudge back downstairs, defeated, walking straight into the kitchen this time and taking the Advil Parker set out for me.

"I take it none of us are going to school today?" I ask, sitting at the bar stool and swinging my legs.

Jordan nods while sipping coffee and Parker shoots me a thumbs-up. How helpful.

"And what about Beth?" I ask. She'll be furious if she finds out we hung out together without her.

Parker snorts. "I can guarantee that Beth is going to be passed out until the end of the day. She got more hammered then you did, and I ended up taking her home around 1:30. Funny, I couldn't find you. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get home?"

I shrugged. How do you answer sometime like that when you don't know yourself? I'm about to respond when the doorbell rings, and Parker and Jordan instantly touch their noses, both shouting "NOT IT". I roll my eyes and head to the front; boys.

I peek through the window before opening the door and am surprised by what I see.

Drew is standing there, one hand twirling car keys, and the other hand holding a phone.

My phone.


This is the suckiest chapter in the history of sucky chapters

but in my defense, I ran a 5K race today, have been in school for two weeks, and almost fell asleep twice while writing this

cut me some slack please :)

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