Attempting to Poke a Hole In A Juice Box

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*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

Well, I'm shook. I stare after Asher in shock as he storms out of the library, leaving me behind with a full backpack and a stunned brain.

What was he talking about? What did Drew do to him?

"Excuse me, miss? Class is about to start," the librarian calls from behind her desk. "You have a couple of minutes until the bell."

"Thank you," I reply, my mind on much more pressing matters than school at the moment. Shouldering my backpack, I head through the doors and to 5th hour. I'll deal with this later.

The end of the day can't come soon enough. I'm barely focusing on my work during study hall. To make matters worse, Drew and his friends are at my table, joking around like nothing's wrong.

At one point, Drew notices my silence. "Hey, nerd, don't get too focused on your work to have fun with us. You have plenty of life left to do work, but the time for fun is quickly running out."

"Have you always been this poetic?" I grump, returning to my notes.

"Sorry," he says defensively. "Just trying to lighten your mood a little."

The bell rings, finally, and I all but bolt out of the library. Drew catches me at my locker, grabbing my arm before I can find Sam and dash to the parking lot.

"Hey, Kaitlyn, what's going on?" He questions, resting a hand near my face on the lockers.

"This is not the time nor the place to discuss this, Drew," I whisper, avoiding looking at his face. "We will talk about this at my house, okay?"

"The walls have ears, right?" he jokes, winking at me. When I don't respond, he whistles. "Sh*t, now I know this is serious. You aren't even smiling at stupid little things."

"It's not the walls' ears I'm concerned about. Let's go. The sooner we talk about this, the better."

On the drive home, Drew follows me as usual. Sam seems to have picked up on my mood, and doesn't try to talk to me. Once I park in my spot at the top of the driveway, we both get out. Normally I would wait for Drew, but I don't feel like blowing up in public.

We enter the relative privacy of my house, and once the door is shut, Drew turns to me. "Kaitlyn, what's going on? Please, you know you can talk to me."

"But that's the problem, Drew. It's hard to talk to you about it because it's about you. Asher told me-"

"Asher?" he growls, cutting me off. "I should have known this had something to do with him. Come on, let's go sit down."

I nod shakily, following him to the couch. He sits me down and places my hands on his knees. "Talk to me, baby. What did Asher say?"

"He... he just asked me a bunch of rhetorical questions, like about how you put him and his friends in danger a long time ago and why Beth hooked up with you in the first place."

"Did he give any answers to any of his questions?" Drew asks calmly, but I know him well enough to be able to see the barely contained rage hidden under his demeanor.

"He said that Beth wanted revenge on a certain group of girls that I know. Do you know what he's talking about?"

Drew sighs. "I was hoping to never have to explain this."

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