Is Augustus Gloop Fat?

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A/N ooh boy i'm gonna regret staying up this late in the morning (lol it's like 12:40am/00:40 i'm a weakling)

but here is the beginning of the drama i promised you guys



*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

What could Drew possibly be talking with Asher about? Unless this has something to do with why they both disappeared without explanation, and the history the two of them seem to have with each other.

The bell rings, stopping any further investigation I might want to do. Secrets or not, exes or not, I have classes to go to and tests to study for. School is going to get me a hell of a lot farther than pining over people that used to be in my life.

In all the classes I have with the two of them, whether together or individually, I refrain from speaking to them more than necessary. I greet the two of them politely, and say 'see you later' when the bell rings and we separate.

Unlike everyone else, of course, who are obsessing over their mysterious reappearance. All of the girls that were once infatuated with Drew, but stopped because he and I were dating, are now infatuated again, only this time, Asher is also an object of their fantasy.

It makes me sick.

Then again, Kaitlyn, you were the one that broke up with Drew. Not the other way around, my conscience reminds me.

Shut up, self. Don't you think I know that?


Lunch is an interesting story, however. I sit in my normal seat, with Chelsea, Beth, and Parker with me. Drew is nowhere to be seen, but what does catch my eye is Asher and Mack walking to a table together. I can see Asher is talking, because his mouth is moving and Mack is nodding as if listening to Asher's every word.

They reach a table near the windows, where Asher delivers one final sentence, and Mack nods in some sort of confirmation before turning around and leaving the lunchroom again.


The week crawls by, stopping to smell every single rose it comes across. To make matters worse, I still have to tutor Drew every day after school.

If I think it's awkward for me, try being Jordan or Sam. They both have gotten to be good friends with Drew, to the point of almost being brothers, and now that he and I aren't together anymore, they've been hit hard too.

For example, on Wednesday I was a little late getting home from school, and Jordan and Drew were home before me. When I walked into the house, I could hear chatting and laughter coming from the kitchen. They sounded like they were having a good time.

Until I walked in, which is when Drew's face became solemn and Jordan dropped his head to study his phone intently.

"Afternoon," I had said, grabbing myself an apple from the fridge. "Drew, I'll be in the other room. Ready whenever you are."

Now, I know, I know, just get back together with him, right? Simple as that. Just forget about Asher, because if I ignore the problem, it's going to go away. Right?

Wrong. It's just going to keep building up, because I can sense the tension between the two of them, and when that explodes, it's not going to be pretty. And trust me, I do not want to be in the middle of that when it happens.

So, I'm going to keep swimming, and put the past behind me. I have good friends now that care about what happens to me, and I'm not going to throw that away because of Drew McCarthy.

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