The Mount Rushmore-Sized Pile of Snow On My Butt (DREW POV)

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A/N here it is! I figured I should write this sooner than later, but better late than never :)


*Drew McCarthy*

Kaitlyn and I have been studying almost nonstop for a week in preparation for my thermochemistry test. I just hope it's enough. 

Chemistry is hard enough, but I'd like to see you try and focus on math when your dream person is sitting on a couch a foot away from you. 

But I managed. 

The entire weekend, we went over her old tests and notes from when she did thermochemistry. Kaitlyn even typed up some problems in a mock-test fashion. I only missed a few questions on that, so I think I'm ready.

The morning of comes quickly, and I all but jump out of bed. 

Wait. I'm supposed to refuse to leave the safety and warmth of my covers, and show up to school half an hour late because I couldn't decide which pair of shoes went better with my shirt.


Nevertheless, I'm in and out of the shower in 15 minutes, wrapping a towel around my waist and styling my wet hair with my fingers. 

"Pretty soon, Kaitlyn," I whisper to myself, "All this is going to be yours." Smirking, I imagine the look on her face if I told her that, and end up laughing. 

Ah, today is going to be a good day.

As I'm about to leave the house, I double-check my reflection in the hallway mirror, satisfied with what I see.

I'm wearing a pair of dark jeans, a white shirt, and one of my numerous hoodies. Slipping my feet into a pair of Vans, I grab my backpack and keys and head to my car, where Veronica's sitting in the front seat waiting for me.

I get in the front seat and start the car. 

"You forgot to lock the door again," my little sister says, head buried in her phone.

"Killjoy," I mutter, getting out of the car again and locking the front door. 

We drive to school in silence, making sure to avoid any icy patches on the road. Once I park, Veronica all but disappears. I see her run ahead to catch up with a shorter boy. Sam.

I shake my head, getting out of the car myself. One day, those two are going to be happy. I can already tell. 

When walking towards the building, I see Kaitlyn's car, still on. She must be inside. 

I grin, hoisting my backpack higher on my shoulder and heading towards the passenger side. Once I reach the window, I spot Kaitlyn, dark hair swept over one shoulder, on her phone. 

She's literally perfect. I take back everything I ever thought or said about her tutoring me. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me. 

Knocking on the window, I watch her head turn towards me. When her eyes meet mine, she rolls those green beauties, the ones that I could stare into all day. 

Kaitlyn rolls down the window. "What do you want now?" she grumbles. 

Oh, nerd. Always a pleasure.

I simply smirk. "Good morning, doll. Can I come in?" 

She frowns. "Why?" 

Kaitlyn, I thought you were supposed to be smart. "Duh. I need your spirit and encouragement to take this chem test. You do know it's second hour, right?" 

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