Now, Was That Better Than Coffee or What?

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A/N I'm sorry that this chapter is up so late; I'm actually three chapters behind at the moment. I've just been super busy lately, with AP testing and finals coming up and track meets and I had a concert and prom last week and I'm just so dead. when I haven't been studying or at school or at practice, I'm either eating or sleeping

but here is a chapter; better late than never, right?


*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

Looking back on that night, I still can't believe that I didn't imagine the whole thing. During the countdown to New Year, I was nervous, but once Drew asked me out, my nerves disappeared completely.

After I barely whispered a "yes", Drew's face lit up with the happiest expression I have ever seen, and he hugged me tight like he was afraid I would float off. I hugged him back, and we stayed like that for a good minute. I'm fairly that at one point, he picked me up, wrapped my legs around his waist, and walked us back over to the couch where I was sitting before, so he could continue kissing me.

It was amazing. I think my lips are still a little swollen. I also think Sam and Veronica came home that night with Drew and I, also with swollen lips. I also noticed the conspicuous smudged lipstick around both of their mouths.

But I don't think Drew and I looked much better.

Today marks Drew and I's one-week anniversary, but nobody's counting except for me.

It also marks Peyton's leaving town for a while to visit her elderly grandparents, so I get to drive Jordan to practice in place of her. Today I'm dropping him off at the gym at 5:30.

I also want to see Drew.

I pull up to the drop off lane by the school entrance and park the car. Jordan just got off crutches, so he can make his way around a little better than before, but he still has a little trouble walking properly.

He gets out of the car and starts making his way to the doors. I swing the car around and park in a legal spot before jogging to walk in with him.

"Thanks again for driving me everywhere this week, K," says my brother, swinging one arm around me playfully. "Let's hope that if you ever get hurt and can't drive, Sam will be willing to chauffeur you around."

I laugh. "I doubt he'll do that, but we can dream."

Jordan smirks. "I mean, you always have Drew. The boy is pretty whipped, you know that? I think he would drive you to Canada, no questions asked. Maybe even stop at Niagara Falls on the way."

We reach the doors and Jordan removes his arm from my shoulders so I can hold open the door for him. We enter the lobby of the building and make our way past all the underclassmen still waiting on rides. Poor kids.

Spotting the gym up ahead, I grin. "I haven't been here in a few weeks. Strange how long that seems."

Jordan nods. "Yeah, I felt the same way coming back for the first time after my surgery. You remember again really quickly, though." Spotting his teammates shooting around, he waves before turning back to me. "Thanks for the ride again, sis. I'm done at 7:30 today, then the team is going out for a meal. You should come."

"Sounds great. I'll just pop in to see Drew then be out of your hair."

"Love you, K."

"Love you, J."

He holds open the gym doors for me this time, and we walk in. The head coach, Coach Larson, looks up from his clipboard and smiles.

"Ah, the MacDonald family, minus one. Good to see you as always, Kaitlyn."

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