Fun Facts About TTBB

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Hey guys! I know a lot of you don't want TTBB to end, so I'm going to share a couple of things you might find interesting 😁

1) Parker was originally going to be gay, but then I decided he and Drew and Kaitlyn would be a love triangle, but then he never showed up in the story and I didn't need his character as much as I thought I did.

2) I had at least half of the book written before I had fully decided on the ending.

3) TTBB was actually the second book I started posting on Wattpad, but the first story wasn't getting nearly as many reads/votes, so I took that one down and focused on this one. Maybe I'll put it up again one day and focus on writing it again :)

4) Kaitlyn has another older brother named Keith that I mentioned in, like, one chapter and then totally forgot about him for the rest of the book 😂 maybe I'll eventually write him into the wedding scene because he's family.

5) Before I had the whole "gang/drug deal/revenge" thing figured out, Mack was Asher's cousin, and that's why Asher wanted revenge so bad, because it was his cousin in danger.

6) Jean Summers was supposed to play a much larger role, like the queen bee usually does in these types of books.

7) This book was going to be cliche as heck but then I wanted to branch out so that it wasn't.

8) I found out the other day that I have a neighbor who has a friend named Asher. Sadly, they're like 13 and really annoying, though.

8) that's about it


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