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Hello everyone!
I'm very excited for this book, and I can't wait to write it!
Just a few heads up:
1) Updates are slow, as I am busy a lot of the time, mostly with reading other books 😂
2) There will be (minor) swearing in this story. I will censor it, but just be warned.
3) Please be nice to other commenters/readers. I write so people can enjoy a story!
4) Constructive criticism is always appreciated! I may not always get around to fixing stuff but I do scroll through comments from time to time. (i.e. pointing out grammar mistakes, or inaccurate information)
5) All names and specific places were created in my head, along with the events that take place in the book. Any similarities to real life people, places, or other stories are completely coincidental.
6) This book is copyrighted, and is my property. Any copying is illegal without my permission. Please don't plagiarize my work.
7) This book is the first book I've ever fully written. There are mistakes, and plot holes, and forgotten characters that show up once and then never come back again. If you are a stickler for these sort of things, I suggest reading another book. There are plenty of amazing books in all of my reading lists; try there. No, I will not go back and fix plot holes, because I personally feel the book doesn't need that, and also I want to improve new writing more than fix up old stuff. EDIT: I'm in the beginning processes of rewriting this book! I have no set dates or anything because I want to finish MKISA first, but be on the lookout!

With that being said, I hope you enjoy this book!
-currently craving a choco taco

Edit 10/16/16
Why does this authors note have the most reads out of any section of my book? Are y'all reading this note and saying "nope I don't wanna read this anymore"? Give it a chance; it gets better
I promise

this book contains plot holes, grammar issues, and slightly cliche occurrences. also inconsistencies. and stupidity.
this book is also unedited
read at your own risk :)

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