Living off Peanut Butter and Bread

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A/N yes it's short and late and I'm sorry but I've been super stressed lately and exams literally just ended but I still have three major projects due next week but thank goodness for a four day weekend and ugh


Happy Memorial Day weekend!


*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

Today is the day before the big basketball game, and Drew couldn't be more excited. The game starts at noon tomorrow, and yet he showed up at my house at 8 this morning to make sure I'm packed and ready to go. We're planning on spending the night near where the Celtics are playing to make things easier on ourselves.

I'm lying in bed, half asleep after my alarm went off, when somebody lays on top of me, effectively crushing me and depriving me of any air.

"Oof!" I groan, feebly attempting to push the heavy body off me.

"Good morning, doll," Drew whispers in my ear before getting off me. "How are you on this wonderful morning?"

"Great," I mumble, covering my eyes with my arm. "At least, I was, until you woke me up."

"Sorry about that." He yanks the covers off me, causing me to shiver and cuddle up into a ball. "Sorry, Lyn, I'm not carrying you today. Got to make sure my arms are fresh for catching any home runs."

"Wait, what? Drew, are you okay? Did you hit your head on your ego?" I sit up, slightly concerned for the mental health of my boyfriend.

"Ha, got you. Just checking to make sure you were awake. Now, come on! I made you bacon, again, I might add, and I'll be damned if you let Jordan and Sam eat all of it again." He bounces on my bed, causing my pillows to move around.

"Joke's on you. There's no way Sam would be awake at this hour without an extremely good reason, and I can always guilt trip Jordan into taking me out to breakfast sometime." I dig around in the clothes piles on my floor, looking for Drew's hoodie. I'm pretty sure I haven't washed it since I first got it, which I know is disgusting, but if I wash it, it won't smell like him anymore. Besides, I only wear it around the house now. I have other, less special sweaters to expose to the world.

Once I locate it, I yank it over my head, then slip my feet into my slippers. Drew stands by the doorframe, checking his phone while waiting for me, and so I saunter by, flipping my hair dramatically before I pass him by.

And then proceed to trip on his outstretched foot.

"Not cool," I grumble, picking myself up while he laughs.

"I couldn't resist, doll," he teases, pinching my reddening cheeks with his fingers. "Anyway, go eat! We're leaving at 10 am, no later!"

"Was auch immer," I sigh, nudging him with my shoulder.

"Don't you 'whatever' me, Kaitlyn. It's your fault for buying us tickets." Drew pouts, crossing his arms with a huff

"Ha. Just you wait until my concert. It's going to be hell for you." I smile sweetly and skip down the stairs to stuff my face with bacon.

Half an hour, I'm fed, showered, and packed, ready to embark on what will probably turn into a disastrous trip. Whatever. I'm sure we'll have fun no matter what happens.

"Kaitlyn! Is this all your stuff here?" Drew calls out from the bottom of the staircase.

"Yeah!" I shout back, doublechecking that I have everything I might need for the car trip in my bag.

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