Carrying Precious Cargo

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*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

I don't see why Drew would be jealous.

Duh, he likes you, my brain tells me.

Thanks, brain.

I finish my lemonade and stand up. "I think I'm ready to go home," I announce. "Jordan texted me earlier saying he and Peyton are going to a movie, and I don't think Sam has a house key. He lost his again." I spot Beth and Mack making their way over to us, his arm still around her shoulders.

Ashton stands up with me, shouldering his bag from The Pulse, the music store we went to. He must have bought at least 5 CDs, combinations of all types of music. The ones that I had approved of the most were Fall Out Boy and Jon Bon Jovi. I told him I was going to steal them at some point. After all, he does live in my neighborhood. "Sounds great."

Beth and Mack arrive, and he drops a heavy shopping bag from Sephora on the ground, removing his arm from Beth's shoulder and stretching while good-naturedly grinning. "Hey guys," he greets. They nod in acknowledgement while I just roll my eyes. Men and their men stuff. I'll never understand it.

"Hey, Lyn?" Beth asks. I hum in response. "Do you mind if Mack and I, maybe, go to his house and hang out there for a bit?"

"Why would I mind?" I ask.

"Because I wouldn't be able to drive you home. You'd either have to take the bus or get a ride from one of the guys."

Bus. Definitely.

"I'll take the bus," I declare, shouldering my purse. "There's one that comes in ten minutes, I think." I start walking, calling a "see you later" over my shoulder.

"Wait!" A hand grabs my wrist and I turn around to see the smiling face and dark eyes of Blake Daniels. "I can drive you home, Kaitlyn. It's not a big deal."

"No," butts in Ashton. "She lives in my neighborhood; let me take her. You live in Beth's neighborhood, anyway. That's, like, 10 minutes out of your way."

"How about I take her?" Cuts in Drew. The other boys glance at him and then back at each other. Blake smirks and pulls my wrist towards him, the rest of me following as I'm pulled into his muscular side.

Damn, football did this kid well.

"Why, Drew? If anything, you live the farthest away from her. It makes the least sense for you to take her." Ashton grabs my arm away from Blake's grasp and yanks me towards him, causing my purse to slip off of my shoulder. "I have to go home anyways. I'll just drop her off at her house. No big deal."

"Like hell." With that remark, Drew loops one strong arm around my waist and grabs my purse with the other. "Now, if any of you sh*theads have an objection, please hold all comments until after I've gotten home. Don't want to distract the driver while there's precious cargo, now do we?"

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