dark black magic- the ending!!!

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“I guess this is it.” I said staring up the staircase.

Jacques didn’t reply he was across the room examining something else..

“I wondered why Gwendolyn left herself so open.” I said.

There was a low growl and I spun around. Walking towards me was the monster from dreams, the same monster that had attacked me before. The cosodirake.

Jacques POV

The giant mutated chicken will killer claws bristled its mane as it stalked towards Skyler. I pinched the bridge of my nose wondering what the hell to do. Skyler was a demigod, she could handle this I thought but when I saw the look of terror and panic in her eyes I knew she could not do this. Crap. What choice did I have. As it walked towards Skyler and raised its lethal looking claw I came up behind it and saw amongst its great rear plumage a magnificent feather. Using all the strength I possessed I grabbed the demonic chicken’s ass feather and pulled it out. The creature roared in pain whirling around to slice the air where I had been standing seconds ago. Skyler looked stunned, but feigning confidence I smiled,

“I’ll teach this over grown farm animal whose boss! Come to Daddy chicky!” I said blindly leaping on its back and riding it like a bull at a rodeo. Skyler used the opportunity to ran up the stairs out of sight leaving me alone with the killer hen. I had no idea how I was going to kill it. The only weapons I possessed were my own two hands. The demon bucked around as I held on for precious life. There were so many things I wanted to do before I died. The chicken threw me off and I rolled across the floor and on to my feet. I couldn’t give up just yet.

“Okay,” I said out loud to it, “I’m just going to work on the hunch that if I cut off your head, you’ll die. All I need now is an axe or a sword. A chainsaw would be nice.”

The chicken demon lunged at me and I side stepped out of the way. At least I was nimble on my feet one small mercy for being a dancer. The chicken lunged at me again and I spiralled to the side. The chicken roared in anger and stalked slowly towards me like a cat about to pounce. I looked behind me an noticed I was standing behind the window- great the old Hollywood trick, trick the beastie into jumping out of the window. I stood in front of the window and watched it charge at the last minute I side stepped out the way. The chicken roared and I stepped out the way. Glass shattered and there was a loud heavy thud a few seconds later as the chicken fell to its death.

Skyler POV

I ascended the tower and opened the door. Gwendolyn was stood dressed in black leaning over crib. I could hear the soft snuffling’s of the demonic child from the basket and heard Gwendolyn proudly cooing over her son- the one who would wipe out all of humanity. Holding the grimoire I ventured into the room. Gwendolyn made a soft sighing noise,

“So this is it- judgment day. The end of man.”

“No, I won’t let you kill millions of people.” I said.

“Witch, you came! I was expecting to see your lover.”

“The prophecy says-”

“Yes we all know what the prophecy says.” Gwendolyn replied acidicly.

“I must kill you and that monster you gave birth too.” I said.

Gwendolyn nodded,

“That’s the idea sugar, although I plan on killing you first little witch, just like I killed your grandmother.”

My breathe caught in my throat as rage slowly filled me. Gwendolyn turned to face me and looked down at the grimoire that was clutched in my hands. A smile curved across her face.

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