Dark Black Magic: how I accidentally captured a demon prince- chapter 19- soul mates

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Rayne POV

I stood in the doorway unable to move. In my head I kept repeating to myself 'she'll die if I intervene'. Loki pressed close to Skyler and I felt sick, every muscle in my body went rigid. Loki was going to kiss her. I couldn't watch. Turning my back to spare the heartache I was about to back into the house when I caught the whisper of an ancient language. Loki had whispered a phrase to Skyler, a phrase I had heard before. Suddenly it clicked, the night I had stumbled across Skyler house for the first time she was reading a spell out loud. The first part I missed because I couldn't figure out the language but this end part I had managed to get.

Turning back I saw Loki being blocked by Skyler and I heard him whisper, "I'm too late."

How was this possible? The spell Loki had used were to seal souls together. But it wouldn't work because Skyler had unknowingly used it on me. But how was that possible? Skyler was human, her soul already had a predestined soul mate but then if that was true the spell wouldn't have worked on me. None of it made sense and none of it mattered because Loki was holding my soul mate.

Grabbing Skyler possessively I swept her off her feet and strode to our new home. Skyler had a puzzled expression on her face. God I wanted to kill Loki and Rudolph. Angrily I shouted over my shoulder, "If either of you come snooping around here I'll kill you."

Going inside I gently put Skyler down and slammed the front door. My heart was pounding. I had a soul mate. Demons were not to designed with love in mind. Our function did not require a soul mate so we were never given one. The only way to acquire one was to either be rewarded one by some higher force or find a lone soul. A lone soul is about as common as a unicorn- they only exist in fairytales. My heart pounded nosily in my chest, I couldn't believe I had a soul mate. Skyler would be mine forever.

Turning to her I was greeted by an empty corridor. The joy drained from my face.

"Skyler?" I called out.

Her voice echoed from behind the bathroom door, "Go away!"

She sounded like she was crying. I ran to the bathroom door and pulled at the handle to find that she had locked. My heart deflated like a balloon. Pressing my forehead against the bathroom door I calmly said, "Are you going to let me in?"

"Never." She replied defiantly.

"I'll break down the door." I said restraining my voice.

"You can't. I've enchanted it."


"If you break down the door we will loose our deposit."

"Skyler I need you."

"Please don't lie. I know what I am to you."

"That's not true Skyler. Please open the door."


"Fine. I'll sit here and wait."

I grabbed a chair from the next room and positioned it next to the bathroom door. I would sit there all night if I had too.


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