Dark Black Magic- chapter 41- the queen

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Skyler POV

The man towered over Mia eclipsing her small frame. He was very handsome but something about him seemed unhinged. He looked over to the dead demon and then looked to me,

"Did you do that?" he asked.

"Not really. I'm not some warrior chick that lopped off the monsters head." I said in all honesty.

"Her blood is lethal to demons." Mia said.

"And did you know that before the monster died?" Luc asked Mia.

Mia shook her head. Luc swore and grabbed Mia's shoulder's,

"You could have died Mia! Our children would have been motherless. " Luc said angrily.

"I trust my visions Luc- unlike you! I knew Skyler would pull through."

Before Luc could reply Rayne shimmered in front of me. Luc grabbed Mia protectively. Both the men stared at each other. Gently I touched Rayne's shoulder.

"It's okay. Mia saved me." I said.

Rayne looked at me his fingers gently touching the cuts on my face,

"How did this happen?" He asked.

I pointed to the corpse of the demon monster. Rayne looked at it.

"I killed one a couple of days ago. Why did you not come to me for help?" Rayne asked.

"Good question." Luc added staring at Mia.

Mia threw her hands up into the air, "Because Skyler was the one destined to kill it. She needed to kill it for us to find out about her blood. "

Rayne went to touch an open wound on face muttering, "What is wrong with your blood?"

"Don't touch me!" I panicked.

Rayne withdrew away from me his eyes full of hurt. It never occurred to me until then that my blood could be poisonous to Rayne. One drop could kill him. How would we over come it? What if I accidently bit my lip and kiss him, or caught the egde of my tongue- a single kiss would kill him. Stepping back away from him Rayne painfully watched me putting a good distance between us.

"You can't come near me Rayne. My blood is poisonous to demons. One drop would kill you." I explained.

Rayne face hardened ignoring Luc and Mia he pulled me into his arms and jumped off the ground and into the air. Two huge black wings thumped against the air propelling us into the night sky angrily I yelled at him,

"You're going to get yourself killed!"

I was covered in grazes where I had fallen through the window payne on to the road. There wasn't a lot of blood but it was enough to kill that horrible black monster thing. Closing my eyes I rested head against his shoulders and muttered, "Idiot, let me go."

Rayne dived back towards the earth, wind whistled around us. I held on tightly, until he stepped back on solid ground. Opening my eyes I could see we were high up in the mountains. Snow lightly dusted the ground glittering in the moon light. I turned to Rayne and was surprised to see him lifting up his top. He took one look at me and said, "Take off your clothes."

I blinked in shock.

"Excuse me?"

Rayne repeated the order, "Strip off."

My whole face was on fire.

"Are you crazy! What the hell is wrong with you! Its freezing up here. I need to go home and sort out these cuts. And you need to stay away from me."

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