dark black magic: chapter 28: dramatic turn of events

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Skyler POV

The letter sat face down on the door mat. I picked it up and noticed the airmail mark stamped on the envelop. Grandma had finally sent me a letter. Tearing it open a small wooden talisman fell out the envelop accompanied by a letter. I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I had waited so long to hear from my crazy Grandma who had decided to move to Wales on a whim.

I had just got back from work when I noticed the letter. Today had been somewhat slow. Bea and I had decided to clean out the store room which was disgusting. I swear there was spiders as big as dogs in that store room. Greg said the spiders guarded the shop from burglars but I think he was joking. Rayne did not show up today either which kinda disappointed me. I liked when he turned up out of the blue. I suppose he is busy with demon stuff.

Sitting down I began to read my Grandmother's letter,

"Hello there darling!!

How are you chicken, it's me Grandma! I'm having a great time in Wales! I have so much to tell you! I've been staying with a hedge witch in Camarthan and she has given me an excellent recipe for fertility which I have included in my letter- I want great grand babies before I die. How is that dear boy Rayne? When are you two tying the knot? Speaking of tying the knot I have some news that will shock you. I met someone, a warlock called Odgar. He's a retired postman living in one of the local villages. I met him on a nudist walk- yes I know what you are thinking, shameless Grandma. Even seventy year olds need to cut loose one in a while. Me and my girls 'the blue rinse brigade' went out on the razzle one night. I can't remember what happened but when I woke up I found out I had signed up for a naked ramble. Well I wasn't going to go until Mrs. Higgs showed me who would be leading the ramble- Odgar. He is younger then me by a decade or two but we hit it off straight away. He makes me feel 17 again. Anyway the wedding is next week, then we are going to Scotland for our honeymoon. I hope you get to meet Odgar one day. I've made you a protection charm to put under your pillow. Take care chick pea!

Love from Grandma xxx"

The letter fell from my hands. Grandma is getting remarried. I couldn't rationally explain it but I felt sad and angry. After she left I felt lost and alone in this world, Rayne has helped a lot but it has been had. Grandma is all I've ever had and the fact she could abandon me and move on with her life so quickly really hurt. I picked up my cell phone and sent Rayne a text- I really need you- I wrote. Tearfully I walked into the kitchen and begun making a relaxing cup of camomile tea. Just as the kettle had boiled the front door had opened, I could hear Rayne moving towards me. I turned to face him and I felt something heavy and solid smack against my temples. A white light flashed across my eyes followed by blackness.

Matthias the Demon Exorcist POV

The witch fell against me. Dalton, my assistant, and I had been watching the witch and her demon lover for days waiting for the right time to strike. The witch had foolishly left the front door unlocked, it had been the first time she had made such a mistake on my watch. Dalton was outside with the vehicle ready. I carried the unconscious witch out the house in to the quiet back alley. The sun hurt my vampire eyes even though it was twilight. Dalton open the trunk of the car and I threw the witch in to the back. Hastily we got into the car and sped away from the area.

"Right then boss," Dalton said drumming is hands on the steering wheel. "We'll drop the girl off, collect our bounty and get the hell out of here."

"No." I said firmly.

Dalton looked puzzled at me, "Boss we done the job, let's get rid of the girl."

"I want to use her first. Head towards the forest, we don't have long."

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