Dark Black Magic: Chapter 44- the umbrella

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He slammed the door behind him leaving me alone. I knew he was right and I understood his frustration. Ultimately he was right- I could not fight. I had no secret ninja kick ass moves or magical destructive powers. All I had was venomous blood and yes bleeding all over my enemies was an option but I could at best only spare a few pints of blood before becoming ill. Rayne knew this and it terrified him. Grabbing my rain coat I ran out the door and followed him through the alley way.

"Rayne!" I called after him.

Rayne was walking out of the alley into the main street. By the time I had followed him out onto the main street he was half way up the street. I ran a little way then lost sight of him as he disappeared into a large noisy crowd of guys coming out of a sport bar. Drunkenly the men staggered down the road towards me. Looking down I tried not to draw any attention to myself as they walked towards me but as they came nearer I could here them saying to each other,

"Check her out."

Cringing I hoped they were talking about some other poor girl but I knew that this street was empty apart from the drunks and me. I looked up to see the group swaggering towards me. "Hey baby." One yelled at me.

A warm arm looped around my waist pulling me away from the crowd. Rayne had reappeared like my knight in shining armour. The men paused eyeing Rayne up and down and then moved quietly away. Rayne pulled me away

"You can't save yourself from a handful of drunks. How do you expect to save the world from a demon army?" Rayne asked me.

I didn't say anything. There was nothing to say. The warm security of Rayne's protective arm dropped away from me. Rayne silently stepped away from me. He clearly wanted to be alone right now. As he walked away I did not follow him. I let him be and turned around and begun to journey back to our home. All the way back I kept thinking how I could make myself stronger? Maybe Grandma had some sort of secret spell book of devastating magic or maybe I had some secret supernatural power that would vaporize my enemies. But deep down I knew I had none of this. Closing my eyes I prayed to Grandma for advice. How was I going to save myself and the world from this threat? I feel so small and insignificant and powerless and helpless. What could I do? The wind suddenly blew around me and I felt somebody standing behind me. Turning I found myself looking at handsome stranger. He had gorgeous brown untidy hair and deep brown eyes. For once I was glad Rayne wasn't here to rescue me.

Pushing the key in the front door I turned the lock was surprised to find the lock open. Had Rayne came back earlier? Walking inside I saw the kitchen door open and heard movement. Maybe it was Dalton or Matt. Suddenly there was a sound of mug breaking and I heard a stranger's voice cursing loudly, "Ah-


Oh God there was an intruder in my house. What should I do? Call Rayne I guess, but his words stung me. For once in my life I am not going to be that helpless damsel in distress. Today is going to be a new start. Picking up an umbrella from the floor I wielded it like a rapier ready to strike. Tip toeing I crept towards the kitchen door and peered through. The stranger's back was turned towards me, but I could see he was a big guy. He looked young too- I could tell by the color of his brown hair. He wore denim and leather bomber jacket. Bikers like leather, maybe he was one of Aidan's gang. I crept closer and raised the umbrella above his head and then striked him on the head. The man must have been drinking something from one of my mugs because he dropped the mug and began choking. I jumped back as he swung around to face. Blood was pouring out of his mouth. Nauseous hit me. Was he dying? Suddenly I regretted my actions and blurted out-

"Oh God- I'm so sorry! I'll call an ambulance." I said scrambling towards the phone.

"I'm not hurt." The guy replied rubbing his head.

"But you're bleeding." I said.

"That's not my blood. I was drinking some blood I found in your fridge-"

Before he said another word I had picked up the mis-shaped umbrella and was brandishing it at him.

"You're a vampire! Explain what the hell you are doing in my house or else" I snapped.

The stranger smiled in amusement at the umbrella.

"I'd rather see what terrible plans you and your umbrella have install for me." He replied.

Puffing myself up I waved the umbrella at him,

"I'm warning you."

"Go on." He smiled.

Improvising I slashed the air with the umbrella and then lunged at the stranger who side stepped and unarmed me at the same time. Taking my umbrella he turned it against me.

"Now I have the upper hand." He said.

"If you don't leave now, I'm going to scream and my boyfriend is going to come and kill you."

"I doubt that."

"He's a demon."

"Where is Rayne?"

"In the bathroom."

"You're not vey good lying. Did you have a fight?"

"That's none of your business. Now tell what you are doing in my house before I start screaming."

"Mia sent me."

"Why did Mia send you?"

"Because you need my help and I need your help."

"What's your name?"

"Jacques." He replied.

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