Dark Black Magic- chapter 49- Death's Palace

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What was in it for Loki? Why was he here? All of us had frozen still to the spot. I thought Rayne had killed Loki but then I remember what Rayne had said. A demon is immortal and cannot be killed. If a demon’s physical manifestation is slayed on earth then its spirit returns back to Hell.

“I saw Rayne hovering around the gateway to Hell waiting for that rowdy crowd of rebels to come sauntering into this charming dimension.” Loki said casually.

“So why are you so keen to offer your assistance?”

It seemed strange but Loki hesitated like he was doing a bit of quick thinking before confessing frankly, “If the army marches through and takes over the world then there would no need of a Hell. Therefore there would be no need of a Prince of Hell. I would lose all my power. Could you imagine how inconvenient that would be?” Loki purred.

The man was clearly a selfish megalomaniac so his story did seem plausible but I knew Loki was slippery as an eel. Sophie moved to my side sensing my hesitation, Loki eyed her up and down cautiously. Sophie was not only the Queen of the vampires but also the most powerful vampire in existence. She had travelled to the plains of Hell once before to fight Gwendolyn and had killed a demon. Loki was clearly nervous of Sophie’s presence.

“So how do we get into to Hell?” I asked.

“Demon’s use portals into and out of Hell. We can use these very portals but I feel that some preparation is required before we charge in and get ourselves slaughtered.”

Bea stepped forward at this point and said, “We have supplies back at the store. We had been making them before Rayne captured us.”

“Yes,” Loki said scratching his chin, “We should get those supplies and quick. Rayne cannot fulfil the prophecy.”

Loki shimmered us from the forest into the store. Turning to me Loki said,

“While they sort out their supplies we need to go on a very special trip to sort out your special supplies.”

Before I could even blink Loki had grabbed my hand and the familiar surroundings of the store faded into blackness and it’s place appeared a dark corridor carved out of the blackest marble I had ever seen. Pulling away from Loki and stared around the place wondering if I had been tricked but Loki pointed at the walls and carefully I stepped closer and saw the carvings in the walls. Dark intricate carvings depicting scenes of masscres, graveyards, people dying and even the grim reaper himself decorated the black marble walls. I felt myself shiver in fear.

“Welcome home.” Loki smiled.

A dark hooded figure swooped past and landed in front of us their huge black feathered wings folded down behind their back. Nervously I stepped back but the figure ventured forward bowing respectfully at me.

“Most honoured Princess, your father extends his fondest wishes to you on your triumphant arrival home. Please follow me and I will lead him to you. Your demon escort is welcomed to wait here.” The figure croaked in an unearthly voice.

I glanced back at Loki who shrugged, “I can’t come with you. God’s will not welcome demons into their throne room.”

Taking a deep breathe I followed the figure along the corridor into a massive domed empty throne room. The figure asked me to wait and left me alone. It was kinda of weird sat here waiting to meet your parents for the first time. I had always thought my mother was some hussy and my father was some careless one night stand in a diner. But then my life was far from conventional, my boyfriend was a demon and all my friends were some mythical kind of creature. There was a sudden noise behind me that made me jump. I turned and saw a kid no more than thirteen or fourteen staring back at me. I felt silly for being frightened and apologetically said to the kid,

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