Dark Black Magic- chapter 40- the monster

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Skyler POV

I stood in the doorway watching Matt and Dalton disappear into the alley. Rayne waited behind to say goodbye. I didn't want him to leave me again, not so soon.

"Stay here," he said, "I'll come back with Stephanie in a short while."

"Rayne," I said my breath catching in my throat. "Be careful you're not at full strength. Let Matt and Dalton do the heavy work."

"I'm strong, Skyler." He said.

I grabbed his t-shirt and kissed him and broke away quickly. Rayne stood motionless. Closing my eyes I said softly, "Go."

When I opened my eyes he was gone. All the emptiness I had felt without him returned to me. Hugging myself I shut the door and went back into my bedroom. I was tired and my body was screaming for sleep but I was too worried to sleep. Apart of me wanted to go looking for Stephanie because she once risked her safety to save me. Unable to sleep I went and sat at the window and looked out into the alleyway waiting for Rayne and Stephanie to return.

For twenty minutes I watched a black cat pick through rubbish in the alleyway. My eyes felt heavy and I rested my head against the window pane.

Glass cracked and I felt myself falling and my body thudded against the cold wet floor. Rain spat on my skin. I opened my eyes and saw the window I had fallen through. The frame must have rotted or something, I thought feeling dizzy. Looking to my right I saw a black blur moving towards me. Was it the black cat I saw earlier? The blur got larger and larger and larger.

"I am here." it spoke in the same terrible voice that haunted my dreams.

Was this a dream? I tried to move and felt pain shooting through my body. The monster came into view. It had the powerful body of lion with great claws and the head of bird of prey, its beak lined with jagged teeth.

It stood over me and bent its great head down and sniffed me,

"You are no longer human." it said curiously.

Taking another breathe in, it looked at me and said, "What are you?"

My mind was to muddled to reply. My vampire brother had biten me but I had not changed. I was warned that I was different but I had no idea how. Helplessly I tried to call for Rayne. A giant clawed foot pinned my body down.

"I wonder what you taste like?" It said.

I closed my eyes as the monster giant beak opened up to eat me. The monster made a funny noise that sounded like a 'huh?' and then it suddenly roared angrily and spun round releasing me. Opening my eyes the monster growled, "Did you do that?"

Puzzled I shook my head.

"Something pulled my tail and my tail is very sensitive." it said indignantly.

"I did not pull your tail." I said.

The monster eyed me suspiously then placed his giant foot on my tiny torso once again. Bending down to take a bite out of me it suddenly roared again. This time it jumped off me and searched around yelling, "Something pulled my tail!"

It grabbed trashcans and emptied them on to the pavement and opened dumpsters and looked inside. While it turned it's back a hand fell across mouth and voice whispered, "Don't scream."

I looked up at small blonde girl who I recognised from my dreams- Mia. Confused I looked at Mia and the monster both figments of my sleep. This had to be a dream I thought.

Mia lifted me like a rag doll over her shoulder and walked carefully away. The monster roared, "Vampire!"

Mia swore under her breathe and started running.

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