Dark Black Magic - Chapter 4: Power is Seductive

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The setting sun set the skyline ablaze.

I stared up at the fiery sky through the cracks in the tree canopy. Rayne and I were both sprawled across a fallen mossy fallen, laying side by side. The man had saved me from a very nasty situation with those wasps, and now I felt obliged to feed him. Like all creatures, demons required a kind of sustenance to survive in the mortal world, but unlike all creatures, demons devoured emotional energy. To put it bluntly, demons ate human auras. An aura was the emotional energy field that surrounded a living creatures. Naked to human eye, with the rare exception of those fortunate enough to be blessed with the second sight, the aura was a strange invisible phenomena. Needless to say, that the thought of Rayne nomming on my aura was a bit awkward and weird. Really, I should be horrified, but I wasn't. In this brief period of exposure to Rayne's charming personality and light gray eyes, the fear I had felt earlier on, was melting away.

A dragon fly hovered above me showing off its iridescent wings and violent blue green body before a butterfly fluttered past. In the distance I could hear the steady thumping of hooves as the deer made their way home for the night. The forest was alive, and its rapture sang out to me... I wanted to be enveloped by its perfect harmony and forget about Rayne entirely... but how could I, when I was so acutely aware of the tiny gap between my shoulder and his. The little voice in my head, or rather the romantically oppressed inner teen voice in my head, fired dizzying thoughts:

Wouldn't it be amazing if Rayne was a human?

He could be your boyfriend.

What would it be like to kiss him...

'For goodness sake Skyler, he's a demon!' I snapped at myself.

What's the harm in imagining?

The voice replied.

I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling uncomfortable heat burning my skin.

God he was too close!

"Rayne are you finished?" I blurted out suddenly.

This was a mistake.

Rayne rolled over onto his side, closing that tiny gap to virtually a millimeter. He propped himself up on his elbow, leaning over me slightly. I lay flat against the log, staring straight up into those gray eyes.

"I know you're nervous of me," He said softly, "I can sense it in your aura."

"Well," I replied, feeling my mouth run dry, "That's not exactly surprising. You are a demon after all."

Rayne didn't move. It was strange because he wasn't touching me, but I could feel the shadow of his body bearing down on me.

He was too intense.

It felt like I couldn't breathe.

My experience with men was limited, even non-existent. Boys intimidated me and I didn't know how to act around them, which really annoys me because I sound like such a teenager!

"You're treating me like a stranger, when I am your slave." Rayne replied.

"You are not my 'slave' and one day I will find away to separate and free us."

"I don't want to be free."

"I will free you."

"Then I will have to stop you."


"Imprisonment, confinement. I would steal your voice if I had to."


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