Dark Black Magic- chapter 38- disappear

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Skyler's POV

We fled Loki's castle. Rayne used all his energy up transporting all of us back to our flat. Matt and Dalton were really pissed when we got in. They were itching for a real stand up fight.

"I wanted to kick demonic ass!" Matt snapped.

"You could have taken us along!" Dalton protested.

Rayne and I were too tired for this conversation. Rayne needed energy and I needed sleep. Ignoring them we went straight to the bedroom and let Bea deal with them. Stephanie had managed to call Aidan for a lift home. Going into our bedroom Rayne closed the door and pulled me into him, holding me tightly.

"I'm sorry I scared you." Rayne said softly brushing my cheek.

"Please don't ever leave me again- even if I order it you must ignore my orders." I said.

"I'm not going away again." He said tilting my chin up towards him catching my gaze with his beautiful gray eyes. I felt his hands gently slide down my back to the zipper of my dress. Leaning into me he kissed me so tenderly the intensity of the moment almost hurt. The agonising longing for him was released in a single kiss. I slid my hands underneath his shirt, I needed to touch him so badly. Rayne felt it too, impatiently he threw off his shirt and grabbed me pulling me into him, every inch of his body pressing against mine. His kisses were demanding and fierce full of fiery passion. I could feel myself losing control, I wanted him so badly. Suddenly Rayne stopped and pulled away. Irratibly he yelled, "Just a minute."

Dazed I stood in front of him confused. He kissed me on the forehead, "Stay here, I'll see what Matt wants." he said.

I didn't reply. I had been so lost in the moment I hadn't noticed Matt hollering for Rayne. I also hadn't noticed I was standing half naked in my bedroom. Blushing I grabbed Rayne's shirt and threw it on. Sitting on the bed I waited for Rayne to return. When he did he rushed in and grabbed his black leather jacket, "I need to go." He said abruptly.

"Crap." I said unable to hide my disappointment.

"When I get back, I promise I'll pick up where we left off."

"What's happened?"

"Stephanie confessed everything to Aidan and he's going crazy in the town."

"How do you mean 'crazy'?"

"I don't know. Aidan is going insane and no one can find Stephanie"

"Oh my god Stephanie!" I jumped up and grabbed my shoes.

"You're staying here." Rayne said.

"What he murdered her Rayne?"

"She's an immortal they don't die easily. I'm going to find Stephanie and I'm going to kick Aidan's ass and you are going to stay here and wear my shirt."

"Rayne, what about the baby?"

Rayne looked gravely, "I don't know."

Stephanie POV

What was I going to do about Aidan?

Everyone kept telling me to keep my mouth shut without understanding the horrible gut wrenching guilt I was feeling. Bea had warned me that werewolves were known for their bad temper but Aidan always seemed so docile and puppy-like around me. I'm praying that this baby is Loki's. I can then tell Aidan how Rayne finished him off.

As Aidan pulled up in front of Skyler's apartment I ran down the steps to greet him. Like always Aidan was happy to see me, kissing me on the lips and placing me carefully on his bike. I asked him to stop at diner for a milkshake or something. I needed to come clean- not about the pregnancy but about being with another man. I was too scared to tell the truth so I planned on telling him a little white lie.

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