dark black magic- chapter 48- jail break

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Miserably we all sat staring at each other in the dark dank cell of the vampire castle. I knew I had a cell phone stuffed in my bra but there wasn't exactly anyone I could call for help. Helpless I sat next to Greg on the crude wooden bench wondering how many people would suffer at my hands. Rayne would wait for the demon army to cross the threshold into earth before attacking. I wanted to attack the army in Hell and stop them from coming to Earth- but Rayne thought that was too high risk and so did Casper the King of the vampires. Their solution was to catch Sophie and I plus our allies and lock us up until the danger had passed over.

Sophie threw her full weight against the door and bounced back. Bea sighed irratible-

"You're wasting your time. It's magic. The door will only open from the outside."

"I know," groaned Sophie, "But I have to do something. I can't-" the words caught in her throat but I knew what she was going to say. She couldn't idly sit about while the whole world was going to Hell. Sophie blinked away the tears in her eyes and then paced over to the wall and began pounding her fists against the wall.

"Those walls are a foot thick." Greg sighed.

Sophie was not put off by Greg's comment, she continued to pound against the rough rock until her hands were bloodied. Kai and Greg pulled Sophie back from the wall.

"Are you crazy?" Kai asked tearing a piece of his shirt off and wrapping it around Sophie's wrists. Sophie tore off the bandages,

"I heal almost instantanly." She said throwing her self back at the wall. Kai stopped her again grabbing her shoulders and shaking her,

"Sophie for god sake it's pointless. You are not going to damage this wall."

There was a flicker in Sophie's eyes like she had finally registered how futile her actions were. She opened her mouth to reply but her breathe caught in her throat and Sophie broke down into tears as the hopelessness of our situation sank in. Even though Sophie was Queen the guards would refuse to obey her orders having been threatened with the death sentence by the king for so much as wandering near our cell.

Before Rayne had caught me off guard Stephanie had sent me a peculiar text instructing me to conceal my cellphone in my bra. I hadn't forgotten about the cell phone but what use was a cell phone if there was no one to call. Everybody I knew was here sat in this room. I suppose I could call the police but I doubt they would take me seriously when I stated my address as the imperial vampire court. But then the phone must have some significance- why did Stephanie text me a few moments before Rayne had arrived?

Pulling out the cell phone I flicked through the address book. My heart leapt for joy- of course how could I have been so dumb. Jacques! I could call Jacques. I called his number and almost wept when Jacques picked up the phone.

"Hey gorgeous." He chirped happily.

"Oh god Jacques you have no idea how glad I am to hear your voice."

"I have the effect on women." He said.

"No- you don't understand. I need you to bust us out of the dungeon beneath the court."

"Are you serious?"

"This is your great quest that Mia was talking about."

"Yeah, well the vampire people kinda of have a warrant out for my arrest plus I know the dungeon guard- or rather his wife."

"If you don't do this then an army from Hell is coming straight to earth."

"Well when you put it like that." Jacques sighed.

"Thanks." I said gratefully.

I explained the situation to the others whose spirits were revived by the news of rescue by Jacques. The only exception to this was Sophie who obviously was lacking confidence when it came to Jacques.

"He's a nice guy, but Jacques is a bit of a screw up." Sophie sighed.

I honestly didn't care as long as he came and opened that door. Suddenly there was loud scraping noise like someone was being dragged across the stone floor. A shrill feminine voice rang through the air loudly yelling,

"Francois, you have fouled up my entrance again! This is not the flat I was assigned to decorate."

The voice was familiar but I couldn't place it. I listened to the pathetic whimpers of a man.

"Stop muttering Francois and open this door. I need to speak to the young lady."

As if by some miracle the door opened revealing a fat woman and a tiny scrap of a man. I recognised them instantly as Piggy the interior designer and her long suffering assistant Franscois that had once given Rayne and I a consultation about our own flat. Piggy angrily pointed an accusing finger at me.

"You!" she spat- Francois covered his ears- "How dare you and your demon reject my services. No one has ever shunned the artist wonder which is my gift for interior design." Piggy grabbed Francois by the neck and shook him yelling, "Explain to this wretched girl what your demon did!"

Francois who was half the size of Piggy dangled like a doll in her large grasp. His legs scrapped along the ground as he explained,

"The demon cloaked your presence from us."

This didn't surprise me. Piggy had made some romantic suggestions to Rayne which had absolutely terrified him. Piggy hurled Francois into our jail cell, Greg had to quickly leap out the way before being hit. Piggy then slammed the jail door shut and stared at us through the bar window. Immeadiatly I ran over to the door and demanded to be let out but Piggy shook her head furiously. So I then explained what was happening with the demonic army ect but Piggy still seemed really angry about the interior design job she was supposed to do on our apartment. Composing herself Piggy took a deep calming breathe,

"You are lucky. Piggy will forgive you if you let Piggy spend one night with your gorgeous demon to whip some manners into him," The expression on Piggy's face made feel nauseous her eyes were glazed over like she was imagining some wicked fantasy of her and Rayne.

"Otherwise Piggy will leave you in the jail cell to rot."

I could feel the color draining from my face. Piggy was serious. She would not let us out until I agreed to let her have her way with Rayne. Sophie touched my shoulder gently and whispered,

"You don't have to, Jacques is coming for us."

But what if Jacques didn't come? What if this was only opportunity I got to escape. My mid flittered between the options of saving the world or letting Rayne get molested. Rayne was a demon and he could handle himself. I'm sure if we all survived this apocalypse he could survive one night of spurning Piggy's advances. Clenching my teeth I said,

"If I agreed you would have to swear not to touch him. You can look but don't touch."

Piggy looked disappointed but then shrugged,

"I have some very cute outfits that Francois use to wear before he let himself go. I suppose I could provide myself with a visual spectacular."

"No nudity though." I snapped.

Piggy nodded her head and opened the cell door. I felt like I had made a deal with the devil. Piggy grabbed Francois and smiled, "I will be back tomorrow to claim my reward. Try not to get killed darlings."

She flounced off back along the corridor. Greg and Kai had appalled looked on their faces. They were probably imagining what horrors Piggy had install for Rayne. We couldn't hang about. Led by Sophie we crept along the corridors out of the castle. Just as we entered the grounds we bumped into Jacques who was stealthily moving about some bushes.

"I thought you needed my help?" He asked.

"We did but then something bizarre happened." I replied then explaining about Piggy and the bargain. Jacques too looked pale towards the end of my tale.

"I know Piggy, she once cornered me in a party. Now I'm not picky but there was no way I was going to touch her with a barge pole." Jacques said.

"I feel awful about it but we had too. We need to stop the army." I replied.

"Great, well did you ever stop and think about how you are going to get in to Hell?" Jacques asked.

Then suddenly a voice came out from the darkness of the trees,

"I can help." Loki stepped out the forest line into the moonlight.

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