Dark Black Magic - Chapter 2: Knight in Shining Armour

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I watched Rayne move with an almost feline grace across building top, as I sat on a steel air vent trying to internalize what had just happened. Naturally I was grateful that he saved me from those drunken men, but I couldn't help but feel Rayne had a hidden agenda because demons were the ultimate tricksters and liars after all.

Rayne stepped up onto the dangerously thin ledge that bordered the flat rooftop and stared down below at the people. His gray eyes scanned the crowds that flowed through the town with a dispassionate interest. I could tell he was bored- bored of this town, bored of its people and bored of this world.

With a supernatural grace he walked along the ledge, occasionally pausing when something vaguely interesting caught his eye. The people below didn't seem to notice him, and I couldn't tell if that was because Rayne didn't want them to notice him, or because everyone was so engrossed in their own lives to look up and see a Prince of Hell spying on them.

Rayne looked normal, but the way he behaved and moved was anything but normal. Just watching him stood on the ledge, sent chills down my spine because it was a sobering reminder of what Rayne really was. He lacked that human clumsiness and animation in his movement. Every step he took was precise and predatory in nature.

He turned his head suddenly to look at me and I nearly jumped out of my skin. A ghost of a smile fell across his face,the same smile I had seen earlier when asked me if I had inappropriately touched him while he was unconscious. I hated that smile already.

Rayne jumped off the ledge and walked towards me, digging his hands into his jean pockets. "So," he asked stopping in front of me, "Have you decided what you are going to do with me?"

My mind went blank.

"Okay, this sounds crazy but," I said, trying to start some place, " You look bored."

Rayne shrugged his eyebrows with a look of indifference and replied eloquently, "How long have you been making a study of my face?"

And just like that he had twisted my words, to make me sound like the pervert- again. My obvious expression of annoyance brought a smile to his face. Rayne, smirked and stepped down from the ledge. He strode casually towards me with his hands still in his pockets.

"I'm sorry," He apologized softly. "I did not mean to upset you."

His voice was so gentle and calm, just like his dove gray eyes. I found it hard to believe he was a demon.

"What are you thinking?" He asked.

How you could be mistaken for an angel.

I wanted to mentally slap my mind for thinking that. That's probably how he deceived his victims, nasty bad demon... Rayne lowered his head slightly so our eyes were level. His body moved closer to mine and I felt a strange tension I had never encountered before, building up in the space between us.

I couldn't move away.

Rayne came closer and closer until our faces were almost touching. Lowering his voice he said,

"Have you realized yet, that I would have killed those men if you had not so gallantly intervened."

The hairs on the back of my neck stood reacted and a wave of nausea pounded against my stomach. My mouth ran dry, I could not speak. I had no idea how much control I truly held over him. Rayne claimed he was my demon, but that gave me no indication of how much power I had over him.

Rayne carefully studied my expression, trying to read my feelings. I tried to shy away from him, by turning my head, but his fingers caught my chin forcing me to look at him. His touch shocked me and I immediately flinched. A cruel smile tugged at the corner of his mouth, "I was right. You've never really been around guys." He commented. 

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