Dark Black Magic: Chapter 9 - The Stranger

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Rayne POV

The old woman left the next day. Skyler rose from her bed once to wave her Grandmother goodbye, but as soon as the taxi pulled off the muddy track and out of view she turned on her heels and went back to bed.

Nothing I did or said comforted her. I made a few attempts to coax her out of this sudden slump by painstakingly taking hours to make soups, sandwiches, cakes and cookies- anything that would cheer her up. But she refused all food. Two days passed and Skyler had not eaten a crumb. Physically she was weak, and because she was weak I could not risk feeding from her aura.

By the end of the third day I was at my wits end. Not only was she starving herself, but she was now starving me too. In a few days we would have to leave this house and move to the apartment Skyler’s Grandmother had arranged for us. There were only a couple of days left in the house before we moved and this only deepened Skyler’s depression. Placing a chocolate brownie on her pillow I said, "Look what I made for you."

Skyler opened one eye and glanced at the offering. My heart sank as she closed her eye and pulled the blanket over her head.

"Our new land lord has sent us some polaroids of our new apartment. Do you want to look at them?"I asked hopefully.

The blanket twitched as she shook her head, “Please Rayne, leave me alone.” She sighed.

I picked up the brownie and left. In a couple of hours I would try tempting her with food again.

Between my attempts at trying to coax Skyler out of her bed to eat, I had been packing and de-cluttering the house. For some reason I had decided to undertake these tasks manually opposed too magically. I think the work helped pass the time and took my mind off Skyler. Downstairs now looked like an empty shell, unrecognizable without the homely clutter. The acoustics of the house had dramatically changed without the soft furnishings. As I walked across the kitchen and dumped the brownie on the side my every moved echoed, emphasising the emptiness of this place.

Outside evening was drawing in. I closed the curtains. A sudden sound caught my attention and froze as the front door creaked open.My hand moved towards the block of knives as dark and protective thought swirled around me. No one was going to touch my Skyler. I thought to myself as I wrapped my fingers around the cold and heavy wooden handle of a butcher’s knife.

"Do not be afraid, peasant!" A flamboyant and loud voice rang through the house.

My grip on the knife loosened. Whoever this was they sounded too ridiculous to be a threat. I turned to face the intruder and saw a young man dressed in an extravagant gray velvet suit holding a scrap of lace of his nose. I inhaled the air and smelt death on him. He had to be a vampire- a rich vampire who could afford to be stupid.

"Good evening my good sir, I am a talented young man in search of a talented young lady named Skyler..." The stranger paused staring at me, I guess his supernatural senses were just kicking in. “What are you?” He asked in a serious tone.

I smiled, “The man who lives in this house.”

“Well then, man who lives in this house, I am here to see Skyler.” The vampire said satisfied with my answer. Tsk…foolish vampire.

“What do you want with Skyler?" I ask.

"She has a very special talent I require."He replied.

“Well I’m sorry to disappoint but Skyler is not entertaining guests today, she has been a little peeky for the last few days.” I say pleasantly.

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