Dark Black Magic - Chapter 6: Discussion

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After meeting the Devil's debt collector, Ilya, Rayne was eager to get me out of town. He literally dragged me to Grandma's car, systematically scanning the area. I had never seen Mr. Cool loose his composure before... although technically I had only known Rayne a day, but he didn't come across as the type of guy to panic. When we reached Grandma's car, he ordered me to get in and buckle up. Rayne then got into the car, and virtually stood on the accelerator, as if the devil himself was chasing us.

Pushing Grandma's car to speeds I never thought it could reach, we violently swung around a corned. For a second the car lifted onto two wheels and I screamed, "Slow down!"

The car swung round a corner pretty sharpish and I yelled, "Slow down!" 

Rayne obeyed, easing off  accelerator. He glanced in the rear view mirror and said,  "No one is following us."

He then took a deep breathe, gently relaxing his shoulders, "Okay, I'm calm."

"Rayne, you were going to get us killed driving like that!" I snapped.

"You don't understand, that man was a former secretary and body guard of mine-" 

"Wait, you had a body guard?" I said in disbelief. "But you are more than capable of handling yourself in a fight."

Rayne raked his fingers through his hair, coolly replying, "There is a hierarchy in Hell based upon power and status. As a Prince of Hell, I am socially considered too high class to mingle with certain levels of lower class demons, which includes the low class assassins. So we employ bodyguards to take out the 'trash' rather then get our own hands dirty. What did Ilya say to you?"

"He said that the Devil was pissed off at me for stealing one of his prize employers. In fact the Devil was so pissed that he wanted compensation."

"Really?" Rayne said trying to hide his flattery.

"Yeah well, I offered to return you but Ilya said it wouldn't work. So I was then given the option of either relenting my soul to the Devil, after I had died, or signing a contract that stated I would never work in a store called 'The Cavern'. But get this, before Ilya approached me I was sat having a drink at the café when this waitress appears out of the blue. We start talking and I mention that I'm looking for a job-" 

Rayne turned his head, "A job? Why were you looking for a job?" 

I gave him an annoyed look and he sighed, "Continue."

"So anyway, I mention I'm looking for a job and she gives me this leaflet advertising a job for a witch. Then when I go to thank her - poof - she's gone, and the guy behind the counter is telling me there is no waitress in the store," I explained. "Then Ilya comes along, and everything moves into the twilight zone. Rayne, I'm scared. This type of stuff gives me the heebies jeebies."

The corner of Rayne's mouth curved upwards in amusement, "Heebie jeebies?" he echoed. 

"Yeah, you know the creeps, the willies?" 

His eye brow shot upwards and he smirked, "The willies?"

The awful tension of fear in the car, momentarily broke down as Rayne tried not to laugh, and my sense of panic was replaced with a mixture of confusion and embarrassment. I folded my arms across my chest and snapped, "It's just a figure of speech."

Rayne nodded, "I know, I'm sorry. That was juvenile." He said trying to control his smile.

"Rayne, this isn't funny! The Devil wants my soul!" I replied.

"Skyler, I sincerely doubt the Devil would want your soul. Ilya is a typical bureaucrat, who likes to throwing big names about to scare and bully people. The Devil probably doesn't even know who you are, and if he did it wouldn't matter because I would never allow any ill to befall you. So please do not worry about Ilya and his petty threats." 

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