Dark Black Magic: how I accidentally captured a demon prince- chapter 12- the pack

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Chapter 12

The black forest was incredibly eerie at night. I had never been allowed to wander into the forest alone at night, Grandma had never let me. But Grandma was not here anymore and I couldn't bear to sit round and watch Rayne being molested by that horrible demon Loki. The scene of Loki kissing Rayne kept looping through my head over and over. I thought if I went for a midnight stroll it would stop the image from repeating itself, but the deeper I went into the forest the more I thought of him. Frustrated by my own silliness I sat down on a log and began to cry. I missed Grandma, I hated the fact I had to move and I really wanted to get rid of Rayne... and stupid Loki. The cold air stung my red puffy and realised how cold it was. Shivering I glanced about the forest unsure where I was. How far had I walked? Which direction did I come from? For the first time in my life I was actually lost. Mortified I stood up spinning around trying to remember a bush, a rock or a tree. Shit. I had no idea where I was. Taking a mental breathe I thought what to do. Maybe if I look up at the stars I can find the pole star. Gazing up through the branches I tried to remember how to find the wretched pole star. "Find the plough, where's the plough? I don't know what it looks like! Crapity crapity crap!" I cursed.

Behind me someone cleared their throat. Stupidly I turned round and said, "Rayne thank goodness...Oh."

To my surprise a group of twenty men in motorbike jackets stood twenty feet away in front of me in large semi-circle, all staring at me. There was one man who stood in the middle of the semi-circle casually tossing a knife as if it was a ball. He was quite a striking young guy with dark brown messy brown hair and bright green eyes that seemed to glow in the dark. Nervously I stood very still wondering what would be a good ice breaker. The men stared coldly at me apart from the handsome one who carried on playing with his knife. Clearing my throat I said, "Lovely evening for a walk."

The man stopped playing with his knife and glanced up at me, "Your in my territory." He almost growled.

"Am I? Oh, how stupid of me, well I best go then." I said taking a step back. The man raised his hand.


Immediately I stopped slowly faced him. He folded his knife and tucked away in his leather jacket, "Anyone who strays into our territory are consider prey."

"Prey?" I repeated uneasily.

"Yes, prey."

I blinked my eyes and tried figure out what he meant by 'prey'. What would a group of male delinquents want with a young defenceless girl- "Oh dear." I said aloud when it finally clicked. The man smiled, "Figured it out."

Angrily I clenched my fist and spat, "Your nothing but a low down group of mucky perverts preying on young women! I swear to god if you touch me I'll go straight to the police!"

"What the hell? I'm not a pervert! Are you crazy lady?" The man snapped. He seemed genuinely upset that I had accused him of being a pervert. Slightly confused I asked, "What do you mean by prey then?"

He smirked, "Your tonight's dinner."

Cannibals? There were cannibals in these woods? I gave an odd expression, "You're a cannibal."

"No not really. I'm not really human."

"Oh great," I said throwing my hands up into the air, "Let me guess your another one of Rayne's friends. Well I'm sorry but Rayne is busy right now making out with Loki, so I guess you'll just have to join the queue."

"Who's Rayne and who's Loki? And why fuck are they making out?"

"They are demons."

"Demons? We're not demons."

"Oh," I stuttered, "What are you then?"

The man smiled and took a step closer, "We're-"

Before he could finish his sentence a young man with pointy ears and curly brown hair burst out the bushes panting, "Ah- Aidan fancy meeting you here tonight." The man smiled.

The man in the motorbike jacket, Aidan gritted his teeth "What are you doing here Greg?"

Greg beamed warmly at Aidan, "I was taking a midnight jog!"

"Thirty miles out of town?" Aidan added sceptically.

"I've put on a few pounds," Greg said walking to my side, "I see you've met my new assistant, Skyler."

I looked up at Greg in confused, "Your new assistant?" I hazarded.

Greg smiled and nodded, "We haven't met formally but I'm your new boss and I'm so happy to finally meet you Skyler. Your Grandmother has spoken so often of you; I can't wait to spend more time with you-"

Aidan raised his hand, "What is this shit Greg?" he asked bluntly.

"Skyler is my employee." Greg replied cheerfully.

"She's in my territory. You're in my territory."

"It's dark Aidan. Very dark, anyone could get lost and I like getting lost, I meet new and interesting friends." Greg said looking at me and Aidan warmly.

"I'm not your friend." Aidan said bluntly.

"You always say that," Greg said then turned to me, "Aidan is a werewolf and this is his pack. He acts bad ass but really he just a big grumpy puppy!"

Horrified expressions fell across the faces of the men behind Aidan. Angry whispers filled the air, "Did you hear that?", "He called Aidan an grumpy puppy."

Aidan didn't take it too well either. Every muscle in his body went rigid with tension and he stared furiously at Greg. Greg's expression however was that of playfulness, thoughtfully he added, "Aidan reminds me of that video on the internet when the puppy tries to run through a glass door and ends whacking it's head on the glass pane and looking all sulky."

No one laughed. No one dared even breathe except Greg who was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Either he was very naive or very stupid or even both. Aidan stood up straight, "You have ten seconds to run before I tear you to pieces."

"Oh you said that last time." Greg winked.

I was beginning to think this guy had a death wish. Grabbing Greg's arm I pulled him, "We need to run." I said.

"I think he is in a bad mood tonight." Greg sighed

Aidan began the count down. "Ten- nine-"

"Aw come on Aidan." Greg whined.

"Eight- seven-"

"I'll rub your belly..."

Aidan paused and I almost died. Greg crouched on the floor making couchy coo noises. There was an uneasy silence and then Aidan said sharply, "Six-five-four-three- two-one!"

Aidan burst out of his skin and landed on all fours, the rest of the pack followed suit. Twenty or more huge wolves stared at us licking their lips. Greg turned to me and patted my shoulder, "Don't worry about them, they're not allowed to eat until Aidan has had his fill."

"Wonderful." I replied.

"Don't worry, I'm a good runner."

"I'm not."

"Oh dear. Can you climb?"


"Well give it try and you might live." Greg said cheerfully grabbing my arm and running as fast as possible.

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