Dark Black Magic - Chapter 3: The Forest

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I watched Rayne, the sneaky, scheming, slippery snake of a demon, out of the corner of my eye. My earlier suspicions of his demonic nature had been right and I now knew that Rayne was a silver tongued liar. After tricking me and my Grandma, he was driving us home smirking quietly to himself. I wanted to smack that smile off his gorgeous face for making out I was some kind of hoochie to my Grandmother- not that she minded. Grandma for the past half hour had not so subtly been congratulating me for 'landing' myself a man, until like most people her age, she had become tired and dozed off to sleep. I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment and glanced over at Rayne. He was adjusting the driving mirror and staring at his own reflection, checking his hair. A rogue strand of hair was irritating him, and no matter how many times he tried to smooth the hair down it sprang back up. He gave up the fight and ran his fingers through his hair, ruffling up his entire hairdo. I could see tiny raindrops clinging on to his hair. I held my breath and wondered why I was mesmerized by watching this guy play with their hair.

"Do you like my hair?" Rayne asked breaking the silence.

Heat rushed into my cheeks and my mind went fuzzy. Loathing him would be so much more easier if he wasn't handsome! Shaking my head furiously I replied, "Just shut up and drive!"

A sharp pain erupted over the back of my head, as my 'slumbering' Grandma reached across with a rolled newspaper and whacked me.

"I'm not going to get any great grandbabies if you keep talkiing to him like that." Grandma snapped.

Clutching my head, I couldn't believe my Grandmother! Rayne shot my Grandmother a down trodden look and shrugged pathetically, "Don't worry Grandma, I'm so use to it."

"Okay, one I am not your girlfriend and two that is my Grandma." I yelled.

The newspaper smacked across the back of my head again.

"OW! Stop doing that Grandma!" I snapped.

"Be nice to Rayne!" Grandma replied.

"Fine!" I said.

Rayne looked at Grandma through the mirror and mouthed a thank you. My heart sank... great. Both of them were conspiring against me! Leaning back into the seat I sealed my lips. It looked like Rayne was about to get his wish. Now Grandma had officially approved of Rayne, there was no way of keeping him out the house...or my bedroom.

Rayne needed to feed, and he needed to feed from my aura, and to feed from my aura, he needed to be close to me. Really close. Rayne had already worked out the best way for him to feed, would be to lie next to me while I slept, and deep down I had this horrible feeling that demons did physically sleep like humans. My eyes shut and I envisioned Rayne lying next to me watching me sleeping peacefully. My tummy did a somersault and suddenly I felt sick. What if I snored? What if I pulled funny faces or talked gibberish in my sleep, or worse...what if I drooled? The thought of Rayne watching me drool, snore and sleep talk in my sleep for eight hours every night until I die, made me feel depressed. My body slunk down further into the seat.

Rayne glanced across at me, "What's matter? You look pale?" he asked.

"I don't feel well." I said quietly.

"Then you should have a lie down when we get home...maybe I could join you."

"No way!" I said louder think.

Grandma immediately woke up yelling, "What's all the fuss about!" Glancing about she studied my face and Rayne's hard. Putting on a charm offensive front Rayne smoothly said, "I was just saying to Skyler, I can see where her good looks come from."

I found myself suppressing a groan and the urge to throw up. Grandma on the other hand brought it hook line and sinker. "Skyler darling, we'll get the family albums out when we get home!" She exclaimed. An expression of horror fell across my face- baby photos.

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