dark black magic- the ending!!!

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Rayne POV

The gate was sealed but the rebel army was pounding the gates and walls trying to break through. Matthias and Dalton battled to keep the gate shut while I sneaked through and followed the cries of a newborn baby coming from the inside of a tumbled down castle…

Sklyer POV

Loki opened the portal and we heard the thousand angry cries of angry demons trying to break their way into our world.

“Beyond the gate is one of the few permanent portals into our world. These lowly demons do not possess the power or skill to manifest their own portals. They need to break through the gate to gain access into your world.” Loki said nonchalantly.

All of us with great hesitation stepped through Loki’s portal into the realm of Hell. There was no fire or unbearable heat. Instead it was cool lifeless sort of wasteland with a great wall that ran around it with a giant black gate that I could see was being defended by Matthias and Dalton.

“The rest is up to you now,” Loki said sealing his portal shut, “I’d help but I don’t really have anything worth dying for. Good luck.” He disappeared leaving us completely alone.

Sophie hesistated as she suddenly spotted Casper swinging a sword at a demon twice his height. In a blur of speed I watch her move to where Casper stood, seize Casper’s sword and chop off the demon’s head in one swoop. Casper looked at her in amazement.

We all ran to the gate and heard Casper yelling at Sophie. Matthias and Dalton were overwhelmed with demons, Bea immediately rushed to their aid and lobbed a couple of mandrake roots into the crowd of demons. Quickly they retreated covering their noses gasping for air. Dalton and Matthias stopped and stared at Bea who was continuing to pelt mandrake roots into the crowd.

“It’s like a demon stink bomb.” Bea explained to the boys.

Mean while Casper was busy yelling at Sophie when he noticed Jacques, “YOU!” he yelled at Jacques. Jacques had been Casper’s best friend but Jacques had done something extremely naughty. He had ran off with a vampire named Christy who happened to be under Casper’s protection. Since then there had been a warrant for Jacques arrest.

“Don’t say it like that,” Jacques whined, “I know you missed me.”

“I’m going to have you thrown in the dungeons after this!” Casper roared.

Jacques grabbed my arm, “Okay I think it’s time for us to go.” He hissed in my ear.

“Jacques, come back here!” Casper yelled.

“Be a good vampire King and defend the fort for me cupcake.” Jacques called back grabbing my arm and dragging me away from the fight. We left the rest of them to defend the gate and ran long the wall of hell.

“So how are we going to slip past the thousands of soldiers.” He asked me.

“No idea but give me a few minutes.” I said thinking.

“How about this.” Jacques said lifting me off my feet and effortlessly jumping on to the top of the high wall. He ran fast along the wall until we had past the army and then jumped down.

“I like your thinking.” I said as we made our way to the castle in the distance.

The castle was completely unguarded and we could hear a baby crying from within. Looking at Jacques I shrugged,

“Guess we follow the sound of the baby cries.”

We entered the castle and found it derelict and abandoned. Gwendolyn had left herself completely opened for attack. The noise of the baby seemed to radiate above us so we followed the baby’s cries up the stairs. Jacques stayed very close to me through out. I kept thinking this should be Rayne next to me, not Jacques. Passing through dilapidated halls and grand rooms we came to the entrance of one tower.

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