Dark Black Magic: how I accidentally captured a demon prince- chapter 17- sorrow

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Rayne POV

I walked away from Skyler.

I had to walk away.

If I turned back I would kiss her and then Hell would ensue.

Loki hadn't just turned up at the house to give Skyler an invitation to his Christmas ball, he had turned up to give me a warning.

"Rayne, seeing that you have been given a lucky head start in the race for Miss. Skyler affections I would say it is only fair that a injunction should be added to even the odds," he told me grinning wickedly. "There must be absolutely no kissing. If you break the injunction then you break our contract and I will tell every demon from this dimension to the next who the prophesized witch is."

Loki had tied my hands behind my back. She wanted to kiss me and I wanted her so bad that every single cell in my body was aching for her. If I caved in then she would be dead by nightfall. I cannot protect in the state I'm in. I'm too weak.

Skyler called out after me. I had to cut her down. It was the only way to protect her. Gritting my teeth, she run to my side and I cordially faced her with an expression of disgust across my face. Skyler eyes scanned my wounds her beautiful eyes filling with tears, looking up at me she pleaded.

"Please Rayne. I know your cross but I can't stand to see you hurt."

I stood rigid as she inched nearer reaching up to touch my face. It was agony. I found myself immobilize watching her lean closer towards me, her eyes filled with such sorrow and sadness. For a moment I almost considered letting her just kiss me, but at the last moment I pulled away. Staggering back I tried to think of the one thing that would crush her down so she would never tempt me again.

"Stop it," I said straighten myself up. "You're embarrassing yourself."

Skyler froze, "Pardon?"

"It's simply Skyler. I only wanted you when you were pure, but now all these other men are after you and Rudolph kissed you, I'm not into you anymore. You've lost that appeal. I blame myself for leading you on but I could never bring myself to kiss you. I'm a demon after all and you're a human. It would be like kissing a dog or a goat-"

"Stop," Skyler mumbled numbly. "I understand. Please don't say any more. I will never mention it again."

Forcing a fake smile I nodded. "Good! Well, I'll just go and call Kyle and Reg for a lift."

Skyler's head moved mechanically in agreement. Smiling I turned my back and mouthed every single swear word in every known language in the entire history of the university. I felt like such a bastard. Behind me I caught the sound of muffled sob. I imagined turning around striding over to Skyler, holding her and kissing every single tear away until she stopped crying, but in reality I had no choice. I kept walking.

Skyler's POV

I never loved him. We never even kissed, but I felt like someone had thrust their hand through my chest and ripped out my bleeding heart and for some weird reason I was still alive and breathing. Rayne waltz off causally to call Kai and Greg dismissing me as some sub-normal species that he couldn't possibly be attracted to. Tears filled my eyes and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball in the grass and die. Never in my life had I ever experienced an emotion so over powering and strong as what I was feeling right now. Bottling it up I lingered quietly under a tree until Greg showed up. Rayne got in the back of the van and I sat next Greg who cheerfully chatted away for the whole journey while I sat in passenger seat staring out the window until we pulled up in my new home town. The town was a pleasant place with a typical pretty main street filled with the same stores you'd find in the local towns. There was nothing remarkable until we took a turn down a dingy rundown alley. The alley was small and dark with only a hand full of stores, half of which were boarded up or had a large, 'out of business' sign stuck to the window.

There was only one store that seemed open. A small wooden sign hung above a set of descending stairs reading 'the cavern.'

Greg stopped the car. "This is it."

The building was narrow but long at the side. There was no store window only a small staircase that leads down to a door. Greg helped a bleeding Rayne down the stairs, "Bea will fix this up." Greg chirped to Rayne.

I followed behind like a zombie.

Kai sprang out the door at this point, "You can see the store later I'll show you the flat." He said sounding bored.

Taking my arm he led me to the side of the building where a single red door was. He fidgeted in his pocket and pulled out an old fashioned rusty key. "Welcome to your new home." He said flatly unlocking the door and ushered me in. My heart sank. A narrow corridor that lead to a small double bedroom, a tiny bathroom and a room that was kitchen/dining/lounge area. The décor was faded, peeling and depressing. Forcing a smile I said to Kai, "How lovely."

Kai laughed, "I know it's shit."

He only meant it jokingly but I couldn't help it I burst into tears. Kai frowned, "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Sorry, I just miss home. I must be tired. Is it alright if I have a nap then I'll come down stairs?"

Kai looked suspiciously at me then nodded. He left quietly and I found the musty old bedroom and lay down on the bed and cried myself to sleep.

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