dark black magic: chapter 36: kidnapped

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Loki POV

God sees all.

Nothing eludes him- well at least in the eyes our God fearing religious bigots who I so desperately needed to dispose of Rayne. Men and women trained in the ancient art of exorcism were able to kill the physical manifestation of a demon. My dearest wish would be to exorcise Rayne myself but I lacked the ability to do so. Thus why I was in the need for some sort of religious figure who I could black mail into doing my dirty work. Thankfully my little seductress, Stephanie, has already done the hard work for me. She had offered the forbidden fruits of the flesh to this young naive priest and he had taken it whole heartedly, breaking his vow of celibacy. Standing outside the church I could hear the tuneless groan of the congregation to a depressing organ melody. Slipping through the doors I stood at the back of the church and watched the young priest deliver a sermon on purity. What a hypocrite. I listened to his monologue until I fell asleep from boredom. When the sermon finished and the church cleared away I approached him.

"What can I do for you my child?" The priest asked.

"I have a message from God." I said bluntly.

"Go on my child."

"He said and I quote, 'I saw you banging that chick in my house.'- perhaps that wasn't his exact words but you get the vibe."

"I don't know what you are talking about." The priest said, his pale expression revealing the truth.

"Two times in pew six- God sees all Father."

The priest pursed his lips, "If it's money you want-"

"I'm obscenely wealthy."

"What do you want?"


"Me?" He replied confused.

I shimmered to where Rayne was and hauled him over my shoulder then shimmered back into the church dumping Rayne's weak body on the pew. His black wings folded black all mangled and bloodied. The priest jumped back crossing himself, "Why have you brought this unholy creature into my house?" he demands.

"This demon that wants to die and you will be the one doing the honors." I said.

Rayne looked up in pathetic weakened state and said, "I want to die."

"Soon my comrade." I replied softly.

"I do not know how to kill a demon." The priest confess.

"An exocism should do it."

"But I do not know how."

"Then find someone who does. You have contacts."

The priest nodded, "Fine, but you can not leave him here. There is a basement where we can conceal him."

"Very well." I sighed hoisting Rayne over my shoulder once more and dumping him in the basement.

Before I left Rayne grabbed my ankle, "Thank you." he said quietly.

"I hope you find peace." I lied shaking him off. My ears started burning,

Stephanie was calling me.

I shimmered into Stephanie's bedroom. She was screaming my name, sobbing uncontrollably. Oh God, I should have stayed in the damn basement with Rayne. Feigning interest I rested my hands upon her shoulder, "What's matter?" I asked.

"I'm pregnant, I'm fucking pregnant!" She cried.

"That's what happens when you fuck." I retorted.

"I thought immortals could not get pregnant."

"Who told you that?"

"Nobody, I just assumed-"

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