Dark Black Magic: Chapter 43- Plea

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Another day, another dollar. Work was much the same. Kai called Stephanie to check she was okay. Everything seemed fine. Stephanie said she had friend visit her from Italy and that she was going to him later today. She swore to us that they were only friends and that she was not screwing about. Poor Aidan. He had disappeared off the face of the planet. The town at night was peacefully quiet instead of being filled with the loud noisy vibrations of angry engines speeding and racing down the highstreet. Rayne said that Aidan's gang had moved on east to another town. He thought it was unlikely that Aidan would ever come back again. I wonder if in time Stephanie would come to regret her decisions. People were strange in the way they let lives unfold like some badly written soap opera. Stephanie was a nice girl but she was not perfect. She had this selfishness about her which put her feelings before the feelings of others. Most girls would die to have a sweet dedicated drop-dead gorgeous boyfriend instead of having a string of meaningless flings. But then Stephanie was her own person. I hope she is a better mother than lover.

When the day came to an end I went back home to an empty house. Rayne, Dalton and Matt had all gone out to work leaving me home alone. Perfect opportunity for a bubble bath. Lighting some tea candles and playing soft relaxing music I sank into the bubble bath and closed my eyes. This was bliss. I sat in the bath until my fingertips began to wrinkle. Then I got out slipped into some jogging bottoms and a t-shirt and relaxed on the bed with a book about herbs and their medicinal properties. I liked being alone but I always felt empty. Without Rayne I did not feel complete and as the time passed I began to become more restless. I wanted to send him a text message asking him to come back home but I realised how childish that would be. Instead I went into the kitchen and made myself a cup of green tea and sat in the kitchen staring at the wall clock. When the clock finally hit midnight Rayne came in. I couldn't help but feel annoyed. Tomorrow I would be at work so this evening was the only real chance I had to spend time with Rayne. I scowled at him as he entered the kitchen.

"Busy night."

Rayne took one look at me and read the expression on my face. I felt an argument brewing.

"Don't whine at me Sky. You wanted to do this the hard way." He said referring back to the time I had refused to let Rayne use his demonic powers to steal and con people out of money and cars ect. Irritably I got up and headed to the bedroom yelling over my shoulder that I was going to bed. I heard Rayne pick up the mug I had left on the table and throw it against the wall. Yip- we were going to have an argument.

Turning on my heel I marched straight back into the kitchen.

"What the hell was that?" I said staring down at the broken cup.

"I'm pissed off."

"Why are you pissed off?"

"Your stupid human morals are pissing me off."


"Because neither of us need to work Sky! I could easily arrange financial income so that we would never have to work or be apart from one another."

"Stealing and cheating is not an honest living."

"Honest living is not giving us much babe. We can't even afford a crappy car."

"I beginning to think I should have gone to bed instead of waiting up for you."

"Skyler, when that bitch has her satanic baby that's it- game on. While she is heavily pregnant there is no chance she is risking herself or her baby. We will not be attacked.So we can screw about earning money from boring jobs but the moment she has the baby that is it we will have to go into hiding."

"I'm not hiding from anything. I've just settled down here. I have friends and a life, and I'm prepared to fight for that."

"I know you are baby but I'm not prepared to lose you. You will go into hiding and I will fight for you."

"Mia said I have to fight or we lose."

"I couldn't care less what Mia thought." Rayne said slamming his fist against the wall.

The outburst violence frightened me and I instinctively took a step back putting distance between us. Rayne watched this gesture with a pained expression. The anger drained from his face and was replaced with regret. Taking a calm breathe he walked slowly towards me.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you." He said.

"You only made me jump." I lied.

Rayne closed in on me. He pulled me against him in a desperate embrace burying his face into my hair. Whispering softly he said.

"Please don't talk about fighting again. When the time comes I will fight for you."

"I won't let you. I have to do this myself and if I have to I will order you-"

Rayne didn't even let me finish. His arms dropped to his sides and he jerked away from me. The sudden separation let me feeling cold and lonely. I watched Rayne walk towards the door and stop to glance back at me.

"You're going to wind up dead." He threw over his shoulder before slamming the door.

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