Dark Black Magic - Chapter 7: The Web

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Skyler POV

Enormous blue roses in full bloom filled my dream garden, giving off a sweet floral scent that reminded me of my Mother's perfume. I had never met Mother, but Grandma had given me a bottle of her perfume that she had behind, before she had ran off.

How did it feel to be abandoned?

To know that someone out there didn’t want you.

Where was my Mother? Was she still working on diners down route 66, scraping a living hopping from town to town? Grandma never really spoke about her. I guess she didn’t want to remind me that if it wasn’t for her, I would be an orphan. So much for a Mother’s unconditional love; oh god, where was she now. Was she even alive?

“This fragrance is too strong.” I remarked to myself.

I walked through the garden aware of how odd it was to see flowers in bloom under a night sky. Why was it night? When I had fallen asleep it was bright day light. I shook my head, this was a dream, why else would there be blue roses.

The garden was peaceful and serene, and I found a small marble bench tucked away in the corner to sit down on. Beside me a little spider worked away on its web. Tiny beads of dew clung to its thin strands sparkling in the moonlight.

"Do you like the garden," A voice asked beside me. I turned to see the waitress from the cafe sitting next to me. "I choose blue because its a such a calm color, don't you think?"

"I saw you today in the cafe. You gave me that leaflet before that demon came." I replied.

"That's right my name is Mia, but you don't need to tell your name because I already know!" 

"Why are you in my dream?" 

"I can project myself into other people's dreams. It's kinda of neat party trick that I was given a couple of years back. That and my gift for seeing into the future, actually its kind of why I am here, hoping to nudge you in the right direction with that leaflet." Mia explained.

"What is so important about that job?"


"Why? I don't understand?"  I cried out in frustration.

"That's okay too. Knowing everything thing means you can learn nothing, and there is a lot you need to learn. Please remember that."  Mia stood up and began to walk away.

"Wait," I called out, "You're not making any sense."

"I have to go now, and so do you. There is a girl in the woods waiting for you. She doesn't talk much, but you'll change that." Mia said.


"Skyler!"  I heard my name echo on the wind. Mia and the garden dissolved into darkness and slowly I began to sense I was lying down.  


I could feel the pressure of warm fingertips framing my face.

"Skyler?" Rayne called out again.

I opened my eyes and saw Rayne silhouette hovering over me in the waning light from the sun.
My head felt strange. I pushed myself up and found my head to heavy to sit up. I slumped against Rayne.

"The waitress was in my dreams, Rayne." I told him.

"What waitress?" Rayne asked.

"Rayne, I'm scared."

Protectively, Rayne wrapped his arms around me, holding me close. "You had a bad dream Skyler. It's okay."

No it wasn't okay, but how could I explain that to him. How could I possibly prove to anyone that was more than a dream. The only two people I really knew in this life was Grandma and Rayne, and who was Rayne to me? He was some demon who had fallen into my life pretending to be some handsome stranger. Could I really trust him and his gallant promises to protect me...what did I know, I'm just plain old Skyler, the forgotten girl, living in the forest waiting for death.

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