Dark Black Magic- chapter 42- jobs and roles

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Stephanie POV

This place was something out of period drama. I was in a huge castle surrounded by ladies in long dresses and men in button down coats with fancy hats. The whole atmosphere was surreal. I felt like I had jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. Aidan and Loki had gone mad and Rudolph's family had decided to kidnap me and take me to vampire lala-land. Shit. This is so messed up. I'm never going near boys again. They have brought me nothing but grief.

Luc marched me through the castle's great hall. All around us I could feel the other vampires watching me. I caught a glimpse of a few vampire directly looking at me, one old vampire lady had an expression of utter disgust as passed by. Another vampire pulled out a handkerchief and covered their nose as I walked past. Did I smell? I put deodorant on- I tried to do the thing when you try and sniff yourself without drawing attention to yourself.

"What business does he have bring that an abomination here." I heard one vampire whisper to another.

Luc immediately snapped his head in the direction of the whisper and glowered at a group of vampires. Confused I asked;

"What's their problem?"

"Don't worry about it." Luc shrugged.

How can I not worry about it? People might as well be laughing and pointing at me. There is no way I can just brush this off like it is nothing. So I asked Luc again,

"What is their problem Luc?"

Luc responded with an irritable exhalation and replied, "Nothing."

It was like trying to get blood out of a stone. We left the hall down a great corridor with high ceilings decorated with tapestries and suits of armour. The décor had a very medieval feel to it. At the end of the hall was a pair of great wooden doors guarded by a pair of vampires in uniforms. As Luc approached they bowed curtly and opened the doors into a great room with two thrones in the centre. There was a flurry of footsteps as a group of guards approached us. A voice in the middle ordered,

"Thanks, but that is enough you go back to what you were doing. I don't need to be guarded."

"Sophie," Luc sighed, "Do not be disobedient. Casper is doing this for your safety."

"I can't even see you, Luc." The voice replied.

"Your safety is number one."

"So are my orders. You and the guards can go and leave me and Stephanie to speak."


"Don't sass me Luc."

"I'm way older than you little girl."

"But you are not the Queen so vamoouse."

Luc and the guards defeated headed out of the room, revealing to me the young lady who was speaking. Sophie was beautiful. She had brown hair and brown eyes, vibrant and rich. She was very pretty but had a strange earthy beauty. She smiled warmly at me,

"Sorry for everything. I know this is not what you wanted but please believe me when I say this is for your safety."

It was sweet of her to apologise but it was me who should be apologising. This mess was because of my actions and poor choices. Aidan wouldn't have attacked me if I hadn't of slept with that sleaze ball Rudolph.

"Aidan attacked me because he was provoked." I said.

"The danger was not from the werewolf. There is a powerful demonic force rising up and Mia has forseen your child as apart of this saga."


"Mia is an oracle, she sees the future. She foresaw your child being conceived."

"Couldn't she have warned me about Rudolph?"

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