Dark Black Magic - Chapter 10 - Another Handsome Stranger

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The Cavern

Twenty two years ago to the day, a troll and his pregnant wife arrived in this sleepy town having sailed the Atlantic from the wilds of Scotland. The troll who went by the name Dougal McMahon crossed the ocean in hope for a better life for his family and to final achieve his dream goal. Dougal wanted to create a store that specialized in magic for all species, including humans. Thus 'The Cavern' was created, and Dougal spent many happy years here until one day he felt it was time to retire and hand the family business over to his son, Greg.

Poor Greg has inherited quite a mess from his father. The store is struggling and understaffed. He needs a skilled witch to help with the charms and potions but can't find one. No one knows what to do... so Greg like all magical creatures decided to ask for a little advice. Greg asks his friend, a beautiful god-like elf named Kai to divinate his future....

"Hey, hey!" Kai yells, pointing at the cold can of soda sat on his crushed silver velvet table cloth, "Greg get your drink off my table!"

Greg quickly lifts his can off the table, and rubs at the little wet circle of moisture that the can left on the table cloth. Kai scowls at Greg who oblivious takes a slurp of soda and points at the deck of cards sat on the side.

"You're using the cards, not the crystal ball?" Greg asks.

A high pitched female voice squeaks, "Why aren't you using the crystal ball Kai?"

A small bouncy petite fairy passed through the silvery foil curtain that separated the small back room from the rest of the store. She looked down at the cards and slid up next to Greg shaking her head, "I don't like the cards." she remarked.

Greg put his arm around her, "Their just cards honey Bea."

Kai irritable rolled his eyes and picked up the cards and started to set out his spread. Bea and Greg leaned closer in anticipation as Kai turned over the first card.


"The Hermit- reversed." Greg excitably reads the card aloud.

Kai's eyes slowly meander to Greg and narrow, "You said you would be quiet Greg."

Greg smiled nervously ruffling his brown hair, "Yep I sure did. Sorry Kai."

Kai said nothing and diverted his cold stare back to the card layout, "This girl has lived in isolation for too long and now seeks new company."

Kai flips two more cards over, "The Empress, likes nature. Very home and family orientated. Six of cups currently dwelling in the past held back by nostalgic memories of a happier time."

"You're very good at this." Greg smiles and Bea nods in agreement.

"I wouldn't get paid otherwise," Kai replies nonchalantly turning over the next two cards, "Judgement, she has doubts about this job but will soon learn in time that this was the best decision. The Devil... I can't make heads or tails of this one."

"What do you mean?" Asked Bea.

"I sense that it's a thing rather than a meaning." Kai muses before turning the final card.

A skeleton in suit of armor upon a horse stares back at them with.

Bea and Greg gasp "Death!"

Kai sighs, "It doesn't mean literal death my dear little bumpkins. Death usually means the end of project or time in a person's life.... but I don't sense in what context do they mean."

Bea's eyes lighten up, "Oh my stars Kai, this girl has you stumped."

Kai nods his head in agreement, "She has. What a very odd girl to have a connection to Death and Hell."

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