dark black magic: chapter 30: the change

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Skyler POV

I could feel his presence reaching out to me in the darkness.

"Rayne." I said softly. I wanted to scream but everything came out as soft hushed barely audible whispers. My head was throbbing in agony, the pain penetrated through my unconscious rousing me. I was laid on my side against a cold we concrete floor. The sound of running water echoed around the room occasionally broken by the hooting of a night owl. How long had I been out? What had happened? Slowly I lift my head up and look around. Blackness. I couldn't't see even see my own hand. I sit up.

"Don't move." A male voice orders. A hand pushes me against the floor.

I don't move. Footsteps pace around me.

"Slut." the voice hisses.

Ice cold water pours over me and the sound of an empty bucket clangs loudly against the floor. Frightened I callout for Rayne. This angers the man even more and a hard blow is delivered into my stomach. I double up in pain gasping for air.

"Dirty little bitch," he spat at me. "Sleeping with a demon and dirtying your soul!"

Curling up into a protective ball I say nothing.

"I've been watching you." he says. "When your boyfriend comes I am going to kill him."

"I'd like to see you try," I snapped unable to contain myself, "He's a demon, you can't kill him."

My kidnapper let out a humourless laugh, "I can and I will kill him, like I have slain so many of his kind. I possess the blade of Hades. A sword that kills mortals and immortals alike. I have come to cleanse this world of demon scum like Rayne." The voice said.

"Why? Not all demons are bad-" I snapped.

"The demon has seduced you to believe his lies."

"Demons work in Hell that doesn't make them bad- it's just their job-" Before I could finish another word my kidnapper deliver another kick, this time the back of my leg. My calf scrapped across a sharp objects and I felt warm liquid ozzing out my leg. Tears of pain burned in my eyes. I inhaled sharply between the waves of pain. My breathing had suddenly become very painful.

Matthias the Demon Exorcist POV

My vamprism had it advantages. I could see the girl with absolut clarity in the pitch black. She lay on the floor curled into a ball breathing hard. Perhaps I had kicked her too hard? Something was wrong with this picture but I couldn't tell. My nostril's flared catching the scent of something tangy and coppery. Fangs burst out inside my mouth. Blood. The very thing I loathed and desired most in the world. I could see the crimson stream seep out from beneath her leg. Suddenly my starvation was beating at me, my body was crying out for me to drink. To take her blood and satisfy my hunger. Kneeling down I gently touched her leg. She immediately flinched. Softly and kindly I said, "Let me look at your wound."

For some inexplicably reason she moved her leg and allowed me to examine the wound- stupid girl. The gash in her leg was deep. It was agony. The blood, the sound of her heart pounded in my ears. I couldn't resist. I bent down, firmly grabbing her leg and sank my teeth in. She might of screamed or yelled, but I didn't notice. The whole of my body was rejoicing as I drank deeply. Moments passed and the girl stopped struggling. Her heart was slowing. I knew I was going to kill her, but I couldn't stop myself.

Suddenly a light switch on and I heard Dalton opening a door. He must of saw me feeding because he yelled at me to stop. Forcing myself I stopped and pulled away. The girl looked white almost gray, her lips were purple blue and she was breathing very lightly.

"What have you done?" Dalton yelled at me.

I stared down at the girl unable to comprehend.

"You've killed her!" he snapped.

"She's not dead yet." I said weakly.

"Give her another thirty seconds." Dalton said sharply.

I panicked. Biting my wrist I tore it open.

"What are you doing?" asked Dalton alarmed.

"Saving her." I replied, pressing my wrist against her mouth. Blood oozed into her mouth. She tried to spit it out but I forced her to swallow my blood.

"This is madness." Dalton muttered.

The girl's pale complexion brightened and the wound on her leg sealed shut. Her eyes fluttered open.

"What's happened to me? What did you do?" The girl asked in bewilderment.

"I saved you." I said coldly.

"What's matter with me? I feel different." she said.

"You are different, Skyler. You are a vampire now." I said bluntly.

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