Dark Black Magic: Chapter 45- Blood, sweat and tears

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Skyler POV

Jacques lounged casually on my couch knocking back Matt's blood. He was drop dead gorgeous in a flirty bad boy kind of way. He had these amazing brown eyes that seem to catch you and hold your stare. Don't get me wrong- I didn't fancy the guy but it is impossible not admire someone that damn attractive. Jacques explained to me that he was the vampire King's best friend but had fallen into hot water after abducting the King's wife's best friend who just happened to be engaged to Rudolph- Stephanie's baby's Daddy....the whole thing was unfolding into a soap opera. Jacques was apparently sent to me by Mia who was a close friend of Jacques. Mia had sent her warmest wishes but warned me to prepare to fight and meet my destiny- or something corny along those lines. Mia was gifted with foresight and could see into the past, present and future. Mia had sent Jacques to me because he and I, would stop this evil woman's son from destroying man kind blah, blah, blah.

Unfortunately, Jacques is not the warrior I was hoping for. Jacques is in fact a disgraced vampire aristocrat who gets by in life by working as a dance instructor. Pretty but not practical.

"Where's your girlfriend?" I asked.

"Christie, my little sweetpea, is staying in a motel nearby. My old buddy the King of the vampires will be wanting her back, so we have to hide until we get married."

"So why haven't you married her?"

"She has all these insecurities because of my colorful past, which-er- means that she will not marry me."

"She will not marry you?"

"She doesn't know her own mind. She wants to marry me but she just has these doubts about herself and me- and it's a little bit tiresome."

"What exactly is your plan to convince her to marry you?"

"I've got several. But at the moment I'm keeping under lock and key until I figure it out."

"Are you keeping her prisoner?"

"No way. She feels like I'm keeping her prisoner but it's only a matter of time before she comes around. Mia foreseen it and I know in my heart she is the girl for me."

"Can I meet her?"

"Not at the moment. She's always trying to escape and it's really annoying. When she has settled down then I'll take you around. Now that's enough about me! Tell me about you!" Jacques quickly changed topic.

"Well I came home today and found a vampire fugitive stealing blood from my fridge." I replied.

"Shame your boyfriend wasn't around to protect you."

For some reason that stung me. I knew Jacques was joking but he had a point. Rayne was so obsessive with me that I thought it would be impossible for someone to break into and enter our house without him noticing. Maybe there was some logical reason for it. Maybe Rayne was not supposed to know about Jacques. Rayne had just admitted he would not let me fight which would be a massive problem when the time came to fight. Maybe Jacques fitted into the grand plan somewhere.

"You need to go." I told Jacques flatly.

"I was hoping to meet your boyfriend."

"Rayne must not know about you. If you are to help me win this war with the demons then you need to be on team Skyler."

"Isn't Rayne on team Skyler?"

"No, he wants team Skyler sat at home wrapped in cottan wool when the fighting kicks off and Mia said that I need to fight or we all die."

"You must be a competent warrior if you destined to defeat an army demons, so why is Rayne interfering."

I didn't reply. I didn't want to admit my own lethal asset was my toxic blood. Uncomfortably I shifted in my seat. Jacques was watching me squirm with a curious expression, his face suddenly changed when the penny dropped-

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