Dark Black Magic: Chapter 46- second opinion

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Mia's condition worsened over the next few days. She lay in a catatonic state while Luc, her husband, sat at side slowly falling to pieces. King Casper began military preparations to defend the vampire court and city. Everyone was clearly rattled by Mia's condition and honestly so was I. Rayne was still under the illusion that he was single handedly going to fight off this rebel army of Hell and kill Gwendolyn's evil spawn. I knew Rayne was a capable warrior but ultimately this was not his fight. This was my fight and I needed to prepare the only problem was Rayne.

"Why are you reading that book?" Rayne's voice was flat and deathly serious.

I looked up from my black magic book and saw Rayne's grave expression. I wanted to prepare to fight but Rayne was seriously against it. Groaning I replied,

"You know why."

"I thought we agreed you are going to keep out of this fight. Your Grandmother sent me to protect you and that is what I am going to do."

"But your name is not on the prophecy." I snapped.

"Skyler you are a nature witch," Rayne said struggling with the right terms, "Black magic does not suit you. Stick with your herbs and chants."

Rayne snapped his fingers and the book disappeared. I would have started an argument if I hadn't already learned that I could read as much as I wanted in the magic store I worked in. Greg had closed the store for the past few days so we could work in 'secret'. Bea and I worked on talismans and charms while Greg scoured through the grimoires, (spellbooks), for useful information about demons. Kai on the other hand took a back seat and skulked about in his special reading room. My brother Matt and his friend Dalton took Rayne's side. They had become his secret spies watching my every move. In their mind it was them and Rayne who were going to save me and the rest of the world from Gwendolyn. As I sat with Bea carving a talisman I had a text message from Stephanie.

'Feeling quite sick today, no change on the Mia front- have you heard anything from Aidan?' she asked.

I rolled my eyes, "Stephanie is asking about Aidan." I said to Bea.

"I thought she was all into this Italian guy?"

"That's what I thought."

"Aidan and his pack cleared off, last I heard he had married his cousin or something." Bea said.

Aidan had married his cousin Nadia right on the rebound. I wondered how Stephanie would take the news. I sent her text and waited for a reply. There was nothing.

"I wonder how she took it." I said.

Kai appeared from the back room and came and sat with us. Bea threw him a piece of wood,

"Make yourself useful elf." She said handing him a carving knife.

Kai picked up the knife and effortlessly carved an elabourate charm made of rowan wood. Bea who was struggling with her own carving glanced up from her work to see Kai's finished work. Irratated by his nimbleness Bea threw another lump of wood at him.

"Keep going." She snapped.

I looked at the clock and realized Rayne would be starting his shift at Wendell's right now. Heaving a sigh of relief I put down my work and decided to take a break. I left Bea and Kai and went to see Greg who was sifting through the pages of a black leather book.

"This is real human skin." He said stroking the leather.

"Okay, that's gross." I replied.

"Any news on Mia." He asked.

"Stephanie sent a text saying there is no change. She is still the same. I just wish we knew what Mia saw that scared her so much."

"Whatever she saw, scared her shitless." Greg said grimly.

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