dark black magic: chapter 47- mandrake

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*This was supposed to be twice as long but some how six pages of text escaped on my computer and it's whereabouts is unknown. So this chapter is shorter than I intended!! Sorry peeps! Make sure you check out my new story Bite! Remember I'm a tart for messages good or bad so be sure to leave me some love in the comments below!! >.

*Sophie POV*

For the past four hours I had stood outside the hospital wing listening to Stephanie screaming in agony. The doctor said Stephanie hadn't been due for weeks and he was absolutely astounded when Nico carried Stephanie into the hospital wing. Stephanie then ordered me and Nico out of the room. Having a baby was not exactly an experience when one can maintain their dignity. So Nico and I had sat on the floor waiting for the odd nurse to run out and give us an update. At first the labour was progressing well but the last few times the nurse had popped out she seemed rattled and the very last time the nurse came out she was covered in blood. In fact as Nico and I sat there on the cold stone floor listening to Stephanie's cries of pain the scent of blood became stronger and stronger. Nico and I exchanged worried looks- Stephanie was losing a lot of blood. Luckily she was not a human but even immortals needed some blood in their system to survive.

All the commotion must have spread through the castle because Casper suddenly appeared walking down the corridor. Nico immediately shuffled a foot away from me just in case the green eyed monster that existed in Casper reared its ugly head. Getting up I walked towards him. Already I could see an expression of annoyance on his face. In low whisper he snapped,

"Why were you not in bed when I woke up?"

"Because you wake up five hours later than the normal vampire." I replied waspishly.

"I wanted a lazy evening in bed with you." He whined.

"Sorry baby but someone has to run Kingdom."

He groaned and then asked,

"How long has Stephanie been in labour for?"

"A few hours."

"Is she okay?"

"She's giving birth Casper! She is in a lot of pain."

"Shouldn't you be in there with her, holding her hand or something?"

"She won't have anybody in the room except the medical staff."

"Oh." Casper replied clearly out of his comfort zone with all the girly biological yucky stuff. Quickly he changed topic and looked down the corridor,

"Mia is down there. Luc hasn't left her side since incident a few days ago. I worry about my little niece and nephew. They keep asking where Mommy and Daddy are-"

Suddenly the door flew open and a nurse covered in blood stepped out, "Your majesties," she curtseyed, "The birth is extremely abnormal and the mother is in tremendous pain. We may be faced with the choice of saving either the baby or the mother."

We were walking together in the garden a few hours ago, everything was fine, Stephanie was fine. How did this happen? I felt Casper steady arm around my waist as I staggered back. The nurse looked very grave and asked,

"Who should we save if we come to that point?"

All of us fell silent. My eyes started to burn with tears I turned and buried my face into Casper's shoulder. I can't make this decision. I don't want to. I heard Casper say to the nurse,

"Can we have a few minutes alone first?"

The door banged shut a moment later and I felt Casper press a light kiss against the top of my head. It was like he was apologizing for the horrible choice I had to make. I knew I had to make it because Nico and Casper wouldn't make it. I didn't want to kill Stephanie but nor did I want to explain to Stephanie that it was me who killed her child. Most mothers would gladly sacrifice themselves for their babies. A horrible image of a pale face sunken eyed Stephanie sat by an empty cradle floated through my mind. Oh god. I had do something. I had to make a decision. There had to be another way and the only person I could think of asking was Mia.

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